Gemini Balsamic Moon
—June 26

Interestingly, always… today’s celestial energies focus upon the ‘desire to be heard’.


As the moon meets Mercury in conjunction, ‘having a platform’ to speak from or through is also desired, as well as the ‘need for rational emotional points to be made’.

I really can’t make this stuff up…

There will likely be too many thoughts and feelings running through your mind today, too many points and opinions, beliefs and noise to navigate… possibly too much information or lower frequency to capture, to put into actual words, to articulate to express to others.

Further, you might have an announcement of some magnitude to make, or, in turn, you may be exposed to another’s announcement.

Ultimately, and furthermore, you may be ready to speak of something essentially important, and your articulation, now, should be clear, resonating, and tremendously thoughtful, especially if you have a particular cause you’re fighting for—especially if you’re the underdog—especially if there’s a point to be made.

To conclude, ever so celestially conveniently, in this age of air, things unseen in all ways are becoming subjected to negotiations, debates, and actual policy in ways that describe as physical property—things like ideas, or feelings, and reproductive options… perhaps personal rights should cover all privacies, as privacies in and of themselves are unseen… just making a rationally emotional point of my own.

It is not important what is said, what is important is what is heard.
——Jeffrey Fry

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by tess.collage

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