Cancer New Moon at 7°23′
—June 28

Cancerian energies are about nurturing, and always always regarding needs. Needs imply baseline foundational requirements—requirements needing fulfilled. And so for something to represent Needs it thereby immediately represents lack, that which is without… it represents an energy requiring sustenance.

This is a sensitive space, a touchy reality, and it’s extremely vulnerable stuff—stuff many of us are typically defensive toward, only making it worse…

And when we feel defensive we easily begin to project.

An underbelly shadowy side of Cancerian energies—either in real time, amidst celestial forecasting or within our personal nativities—is often where we tend to project both our ideals and our fears… and most of all, our needs—perhaps moreso, our expectations toward these needs.

This goes back to the last full moon—the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14—and our trigger points, ignorances, and ‘flawless’ opinions. The astrology cookbooks won’t tell you so bluntly—but Cancerian energies are largely about ego. However, unlike Sagittarian energies, Cancerian energies do possess depth—depths of the stuff… though, very unlike Sagittarian energies, Cancerian energies aren’t too keen on openly sharing it with anyone… they both, however uncannily, do plenty of projecting their depths and lacks thereof onto, well, anyone.

Projections, mind you, can be subtle… stupifyingly subtle. Sneaky.

Projections are typically entirely unconscious.

So, projections, needs, fears, egoic impulses, needs, trigger points, needs, expectations, defenses, needs and nurturing, and feelings of lack—all of these have at least one thing in common: wounding.

The degree through which today’s new moon occurs associates to ‘attempting to overcome barriers’, ‘showing up phoniness and pretense’, ‘serious social criticisms’ and ‘penetrating soliloquies’… to excelling expectations, refusing being pigeonholed.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree to symbolize ‘a group of rabbits dressed in clothes’, which is to describe those “who may be trying to be more, or act like they are more, than they really are…[to] disguise who we truly are and what we really feel about ourselves.”

This full moon event is occurring within the first decan of Cancer very much represents the ultimate beginning, as well as the dynamics and bond between Mother and Child, as well as the dynamics and bond between Self and Other… and healing the spaces and distances in between.

Another thing about the depths of depths that Cancerian energies—they feel…

Cancerian energies feel nearly everything, though can’t seem to put these feelings anywhere but further within… this lunarly event is asking you to feel, to nurture yourself and your needs, and to resist pushing it further within—this lunarly event asking you to be vulnerably, genuinely, and unconditionally present with yourself.

With the good, the bad, the complicated, the messy, the triggered, the needy, the sensitive, the ignorant, the egoic, and the very ugly.

Without apology.

Because, see, projections, really, are merely mirrors—albeit really pesky, passive-aggressive ornery mirrors—and even though an/Others’ projections may not have anything to do with you (as your projections likely have nothing to do with whomever you are projecting them toward)… they do, though, as in: they relate to you… what’s more important—is how they relate to you, and why?—what, exactly, lies beneath the trigger point?

And that’s what today’s vibrations are resonating… remember, this will be a hefty process, with depth—this will not be quick, or simple.

Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.❞
——Fyodor Dostoevsky

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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