Leo Crescent Moon
—July 2

Yesterday’s lighter energies were, perhaps, a calm before… not so much a storm, exactly, but something more personally and intensely entwined from within, though potentially manifesting all around you… or, at the very least, growing louder and louder within.

You may get well be, however in your own way within your own unique personal parameters, testing boundaries, discovering new levels of consciousness, and/or disconnecting from that which no longer serves… and this can feel very unfamiliar, unsettling, and unknown—but the thrill of something new, beginning a new pattern, behavior, or breaking a toxic cycle, and the ultimate empowerment involved in relinquishing the old scripts or roles that kept you locked in place…

Only you can decide whether or not that strange and perplexing feeling of guilt swirled with relief within your gut is worth the price of a new freedom you’ve never experienced… sometimes personal growth feels funny, and sometimes—it pisses other people off.

If you are experiencing something as intense or similar to that which I’ve described, go slow… there’s no hurry—though it may feel like you need to rip that old festering bandaid right off without shame or apology—take it all one day at a time, if needed. Or not… Self-control is everything now. Depending upon just how unknown your circumstances are to you might depend on just how much you need to endure, and thrive, within these new environments.

Ultimately, navigating your reality in an effort to claim what you need—that is what these energies are about… though what you really need may in fact be a disconnection, dissolution, or divorce from something—these are no easy feats, or simple resolutions… strategies of the heart are best, though these may also require some truly hardened and protective boundaries to fortify your new demands/needs.

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.❞
——Antoine de Saint Exupéry

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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