Virgo Crescent Moon
—July 4

Did you ever play the Ouija board when you were young?—and you were given an incredibly, laughably vague and cryptic answer?—this is similar to today’s lunarly energies…

You’re probably wanting answers, or direction, or guidance, or assurance…


You’re likely to create your own answers anyway… just as you did with the Ouija board back in the day—nothing I recommend will do any good.

So really, ultimately, today’s energies regard one of the two—your immediate (and likely egoic) impulse, or an actual genuine ability to recognize the actual reality of something and the ability to actually manifest what you truly need on your own… the choice is yours.

You must pray carefully and for the very essence of your desire or you will be caught up in many musings of things you may not want for your own experience…
——Ouija message

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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