Capricorn Full Moon at 21°21′
—July 13

Today’s an energetically and etherically powerful day…

Several things.

First of all, there’s not only astrological dynamics occurring by degree, but there’s heavy aspecting occurring within the planetary alignments, all three occurring simultaneously… but I’ll spare you the extensive astro-babble.

The likes of your genuinely individuated sense of harmony and inner strength are being emphasized heavily in that these are not currently being illuminated, or potentially not even being practiced… and perhaps this is where the celestially influenced suggestion of defeat comes into play?

As I mentioned yesterday—today’s full moon occurs through a degree of Capricorn that associates itself to accepting graceful defeat… though, this sense of defeat—or maybe it’s an accusation of defeat, as in accusation toward lack or let down or disappointment—could become a more liberated sense of release… and there could be grace in this release, particularly if the accused has been/felt repressed in any way. This release, then, could be quite healing—however simultaneously harshly expressed this may be/feel to an/Other.

Further on this point, this point of lack—this full moon is governed by the third decan of Capricorn, which is represented by the 4 of pentacles in the tarot, a card that associates itself to issues of security, and issues of control… and inner fears of scarcity.

This influencing suggests that the necessary sensations of harmony and inner strength need to be relegated with a very sobering sensation of conservatism… or resilience.

An important question to ask yourself is—am I doing enough toward my personal goals?—am I doing everything I can to realize my practical needs and ideals?

Today’s full moon is inherently conflicted between issues of security and fears of scarcity; between personal imbalances and a potentially unrealistic livelihood; between individuated happiness and expectations disappointed… between too much of something and not nearly enough of another.

Another question to ask yourself now—what do I value?—where am I placing the energies I value, how am I using these?—are my results through these actions providing something I value?

Obviously, the 4 of pentacles is very much intrinsically related to issues of money—and financial (in)stabilities could now be very much an issue for you at this time… however, do keep in mind, as well, all issues where inherent value is involved—as in the actual worthiness within the values you have embraced… true inner worth—both within yourself, as well as the value you put to yourself, and the true inner with beyond yourself is what’s essential through this moon’s energies…

Furthermore, an additional question to ask yourself, then—are my objectives/battles/conflictions/ideals, or the value/worth I assign to these, really worth my efforts?

These current energies could easily be summed up as a reality check toward important and valuable life lessons… and again, perhaps, could it be?—that this gracefully accepted defeat lingering about… as this full moon comes somewhat loaded with needs for sobering surrender… could it be more about how you’re responding or reacting to whatever it that’s causing your imbalances?—more so than precisely what the imbalance might be?—by ‘getting a handle on a perplexing situation…’

Ultimately, and most brutally honestly—are you actually in control of your circumstances? And if not… why? How so?

In fact, astrologer Austin Coppock expresses, through his writings regarding the third decan of Capricorn, “are you in control of your position?—or is your position itself mandating your movements?”—which is to say that you’re not actually in control of your own freedoms…

Elemental cardinality dominates today’s energies, suggesting that action is ultimately necessary—that nothing broken, essentially, is going to mend itself so effortlessly without some good old-fashioned blood, sweat and tears… though, through this process, it is all in the hope toward opportunities for growth, for rising to the occasion of opportunity—for rising above one’s early conditioning… and an eagerness to begin again.

When we rise above our earliest conditioning, it can make others quite uncomfortable, and defensive—because patterns are nearly immediately obvious… this defensiveness, however, need not be so thoroughly struggled with—as improvements allow everyone to be better; improvements need not inflict shame… if they do, this may speak more to those experiencing the shame over those striving to improve.

Today’s degree directly links itself to ‘aggressively forwarding one’s own interests without compromising one’s moral principles…’ and so truly and genuinely knowing your own convictions, values, and inner strengths is key—it’s beyond key at this time… your inner strength is being somewhat conjured.

I can’t help but come back to the quote from Sartre—that freedom is what we do with what’s been done to us… that is, if your inner character is willing to rise above what has been inflicted upon it.

Ultimately, you know what you need to do… and so much more ultimately—why aren’t you doing what you know you need to do?

If it’s conditioning—you’ll need to put that baggage down.

If it’s an/Other’s expectations of you—you really need to let that shit go… it’s not even yours.

If it’s conflicting tendencies or complications toward scarcity mindsets—you might want to look into some shadow work practices for this (I’ve done these myself and it changed everything…)

Finally, again, issues and concepts of control, too, are so heavily interlaced with today’s energies, with issues of value, and money, and harmony… it’s so common for people to believe that they have no control toward any of it, and this is entirely false, and causes much imbalance and many fears of lack. Still, the idea of control, too, is often largely misunderstood—and definitely misunderstood in regard to terms in energy.

Perhaps the underlying essence of this full moon isn’t so much of any of what I’ve just written—but more so, rather, toward movement, or more so, mobility, and immobility… and if you are finding yourself to be immobilized, for whatever reason, these energies are working on you in however a way necessary for you to inspire your mobility, however metaphorical, literal, or symbolic this may be… and not just movement, but life and livelihood—as opposed to stagnation, which is to suggest symbolic death.

If you’re feeling powerless, without control, and out of balance—and immobile—then these energies are speaking to you specifically… and these energies are asking you to ask yourself what you value within yourself, and how these values actually attract the values you seek, and how the values you seek motivate your own values… and, ultimately, to ask yourself what it is you are willing to surrender to rebalance your own personal needs, and what you are willing to let go of in an effort to make space for that which matches your own individuated character.

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.❞
——Charles Darwin

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by artfucker

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