Aquarius Disseminating Moon
—July 15


Control is a particularly interesting idea…

Control is likely what you’ll seek today, however begrudgingly.

A continued acknowledgment—or rigid denial—of the creating of your own reality, the creating of your own personal myth!—and projections, too, are continued into today’s narrative.


Today’s projections aren’t so much about egoic impulse upon an/Other in a defensive nature—but more so about self-projections regarding our own myths, our allure, our ‘truth’ >gag< upon an/Other in a controlling nature…

How will the moon squaring up to Saturn influence your reality?

One of its potential influences, particularly, could occur through the its connective degree in Aquarius, a degree that is associated to ‘the thin line between the visionary and the madman…’ which is sort of the basis of the idea of control, right!?

This degree is also referred to as ‘a forest fire’ in regard to its potential recklessness and dangerousness, and ultimate carelessness… as much as we seek ‘the light’, this ‘light’ (particularly the woo woo light), when not true, can be quite destructive. Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree as absolutely requiring “the skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness…”

Perhaps today’s saturnian Sisyphean efforts in control will be more insightfully meditative rather than endlessly frustrating… though, whatever your circumstances, it may feel as though you’re figuratively or metaphorically trying to move mountains that simply do not move.


As the moon moves to square Uranus—it’ll also be connecting to Saturn in conjunction.

Ouch. Ugh. Oi.

Beyond desperately trying to ‘control’ anything (and ultimately not being able to), today offers an opportunity to control one’s own inner compulsory and egoic impulses… and ‘looking at one’s situation without preconceptions; focusing attention on crucial but difficult issues…’ and it’s likely that however harshly some of your current circumstances have fared, you’re probably “coming out with new realizations and codes for life—making conscious and wise decisions about your life, you can find an objective position that allows you to understand what’s happening…”

This idea of control… might serve one more when practiced toward one’s own lessons and learning curves, within one’s own experience.

To control one’s own actions, and egoic impulses…

And perhaps, for many, this is the harshest uphill reality to navigate.

My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.❞
——Coco Chanel

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by erik.joh

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