Pisces Disseminating Moon
—July 16

No lunarly aspects today, other than a meager sextile to Mars…

Meanwhile, the sun and Mercury meet in a superior conjunction and make a loose connection to Neptune—this is much more noteworthy, indeed.

But really? Not really.

wink wink wink…

This occurs through a degree that associates itself to “having a sense of personal destiny; confident pursuit of personal goals; living out a self-created role; playing one’s hand skillfully; and daring to live life as a grand adventure…” you know—no big deal.

All this means—is that while the moon is moving through the symbolic boundarilessness of creatively (and potentially martyred) Piscean energies, without aspect, and thereby without any reigning in on any potentially fantastical mental/emotional/psychosomatic escapades… and therefore completely open to woe-is-me scenarios, or—much more hopefully—a boundarilessness of potential…

Today could be a really valid day to consider possible what-if’s, and explore a vast landscape embracing these potentials… while also experiencing something of a very real time frame tick-tocking in the background…

Potential has a shelf life…
——Margaret Atwood

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by irie.wata

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