Aries/Taurus Balsamic Moon
—July 20

Apologies—the Aries last quarter moon was technically this morning, but I decided to blur it into yesterday’s post regarding Chiron because it blurred so painfully beautifully…

To review, this last quarter moon emphasizes confrontationality, particularly toward inner and emotional wounding, as well as personal attention to selfhood and something of a purpose of place, in addition to attention-focused healing.

But what does the moon do after it meets the sun and Pluto, in tandem, by square?—it attempts to ground itself into Taurus.

Not only does the moon move into Taurus, it embodies its monthly balsamic phase, until the new moon next week, in Leo… (the sun, too, moves into Leo from Cancer on July 22nd {finally!} and as the moon completes its balsamic phase the much more generously encouraging and bright-sided solar energy will be an absolute blessing… especially as the moon moves through Cancer for most of next week before the new moon.)

Today’s moon also connects to Mercury, now in Leo, by square, through a degree that requires effort, diligence, and determination, suggesting that both corridors of thought and boundaries of communication could be somewhat more difficult, overdue, or feel more weighted by obligation or demand rather than sweetness or mere reference…

However—this said, when Mercury is in Leo, this influence definitely provides more of a matter-of-fact type communicative style, declaring one’s ‘personal truth’, however exaggeratedly, and speaking of one’s sovereignty, however colorfully… with yesterday’s potential confrontations—this spirited influence could have supported both verbal and emotional boundary reinforcements regarding both selfhood and needs.

Chances are… that despite how harsh these emotional confrontations were—these were also fully loaded with potential for growth and discernment, and lessons in future resilience.

Truly, you may not see any of this today, in the moment—within the flurry of it all—these intersectionalities of emotionality… but, should you choose to focus your attention upon the squashed squishy stuffs within—you’ll see, you will see a difference.

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.❞
——Simone Weil

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