Taurus/Gemini Balsamic Moon
—July 22

Ouch. Definitely not an ideal day… and possibly not even a very good one.

So that lunarly square to Saturn occurring this morning—here on the west coast—that I mentioned yesterday… it could suggest very real potential toward harshness.

The degree through which this square occurs speaks of deep-seated emotions, aggressiveness, and instincts… and through Taurean energies, these could be quite harshly prolonged, or otherwise made to be more brutally influenced or more deeply afflicted—more severely impacted.

Typically, wherever the dreamy subtleties and emotional niceties of the moon are squared up against the harsh hardnesses and sobering, even depressive, reality-checks of Saturn—ouch, it hurts. If the moon represents our mood and our needs, when up against Saturn our mood naturally turns blue, if not outright down, and our needs become that much more complicated to meet, for whatever reason… and when this square occurs within elemental fixity—the reason is typically circumstantial, or otherwise non-negotiable.

And Taurean energies typically do not take much lightly…

Much, much later in the day—again, here in the west coast—the moon moves into Gemini, and a little late night reprieve could be possible?—but more likely in the light of day tomorrow… the moon moving in Gemini should lighten the load a bit, if not just emotionally—not to mention, the sun will now be shining from the higher consciousness of Leo…

Tomorrow’s more lunarly constructive alignments could offer a new opportunity to more thoroughly and honestly communicate needs and preferences, and likely, these will be coming from an entirely new place, with entirely different perspectives.

Try to keep in mind and heart that tomorrow is truly a new day.

Be patient, calm, compassionate. Know that existence is fleeting.❞
——Ettore Sottsass

☽♊︎ by 10:11pm PDT; 11:11pm MDT/12:11am CDT tomorrow; 1:11am EDT tomorrow

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by itspeteski

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