Gemini Balsamic Moon
—July 24

Today’s energies might conjure thoughts or feelings toward universal connectedness…

Now, typically, a Gemini moon needs to be social, by nature, possessing a wide variety of thoughts and ideas—a Gemini moon needs to communicate, share, connect… but when a Gemini moon is balsamic—a Gemini moon needs to communicate and connect from within; ultimately, with oneself.

I know… it’s a little unnatural. However. With the sun in Leo now, this more inward Gemini moon becomes almost embodied—or, immersed rather—within a sort of etherically illuminated radiance… like levitating!

As though angels from on high are singing!

If, of course, these energies are utilized appropriately.

Otherwise—well, there’s something of a disconnect… a missed opportunity. As though the angels are distracted, self-focused, longing, dizzied within a self-created busyness that never seems to become anything.


Should today’s energies be utilized appropriately, this inward meditation, if you will, or maybe I should call it a flow, or a rhythm… whatever it is—it’s a cosmic binding, a connectedness. Still, it requires something of a skill, indeed.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar advised the innate demand toward self-discipline and described this ‘skill’ as a facing of “the totality of our individual selfhood as it is projected in the many-hued dome of our sky-flung consciousness… after every successfully met crisis, the revelation of worth comes to us, and with it comes the promise of success, if only we do our part.”

Our part… and for you, specifically—your part.

What is your part?

Are you disciplined?

Have you ever felt levitated?—and no, I do not mean to say elevated, that’s entirely different…

Ultimately, are you able to experience this etherically illuminated radiance?—likely not on the daily, but please tell me you’re allowing yourself as much on a weekly/monthly basis… this might seem unnatural, but it is most certainly not unnatural, but absolutely natural.

It’s likely that so many things and thoughts are running rapidly through your mind, charged, and inspired—yet, you don’t have the words… not yet.

Even more, a Gemini moon struggles beyond thoughts… yet, there are emotions to contend with. Emotional responses or reactions may not be understood—but maybe, for today, they need not be entirely understood… or understood at all—but sometimes talking to oneself out loud can be so informative, so soothing, so reassuring.

So inspiring…

Further yet, you may also be facing or confronting—or being confronted by—some various component of reality, or otherwise life changing reality circumstance… and the best way to ‘get through’ whatever it is you’re navigating is to simply make the most of them.

Your boundaries may be tested.

And you may really have much to say out loud to yourself…

Try to become more intimately conscious of your personal boundaries—and furthermore, your actual, if you will, physical-cum-etheric, center of gravity—as this is where your ability to consciously levitate resides…

This is where your connectivity between mind and consciousness and universal connectedness binds… sparks, and vibrates.

Today is a good day to ponder all these things considered…

I never even thought about whether or not they understand what I’m doing… the emotional reaction is all that matters, as long as there’s some feeling of communication, it isn’t necessary that it be understood.❞
——John Coltrane

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by dreamingincollages

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