Gemini/Cancer Balsamic Moon
—July 25

Today’s Gemini moon meditatively informs itself in radiance through until late morning here on the west coast—through early afternoon on the east coast—before ceasing its lunarly rationality for Cancerian-inspired lunarly irrational emotionality…

Perhaps its lunarly balsamic phasing will support a more privately expressed inwardly swirling inner rage… reminiscing and remembering, though highly emotionally-driven, and thereby inaccurately remembering—all that was encompassed or navigated, however laterally, through late June into July.

In fact, shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that this is the moon of the Keeper of Memories… and “the danger of [this moon] is getting stuck in a past that never was and insisting that it is of more value than the present… when the present is painful, the past can be a solace —when the past is painful, too, the Keeper of Memories may decide that it deserves a rewrite, especially when the point is to hold it up a some kind of ideal against which the present utterly fails.”

If you are harboring resentments at this point—the point and underlying essence of this moon is to forgive… Kaldera adds that “forgiveness is more than just letting the memory fade until there isn’t much to it anymore—true forgiveness is not a passive act—it is actively forgiving someone, letting yourself feel the willed act of opening the clenched fists and letting the resentment go, feeling the salt wind blow clean across those empty palms… active forgiveness is what really purifies the memories and allows pain to be given its full respect, thus giving respect also to the strength that survived that pain.”

And, as the shrinking Cancer moon moves to connect to an ever-expansive Jupiter in Aries, which is currently stationing and thereby much more potently influential—the moon connects by square and begins to further illuminate toward Venus in conjunction, exact tomorrow, through a degree which Venus is already squaring Jupiter exactly…

These illusional memories could very well take over your emotional imbalances today…

Beware overly imbalanced anything—try to find a balance of centeredness, if possible… if not—like a good crustacean—move laterally to avoid anything you can’t reasonably take on.

A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.❞
——Edward de Bono

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🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by romanticappeal

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