Cancer Balsamic Moon
—July 26

Continued memories to delineate and decriminalize—and continued need for very actively participating forgiveness… the kind of forgiveness you really feel.

Into the great wide openness of your personal abilities—open-mindedness toward another, toward anything!, could truly be the salve to any past/previous bruising, as well as any reminding open wounds of resentment—either literally or figuratively.

Should you be able to embrace an honest open-mindedness toward particular circumstances—even further, being able to discern, as well as understanding and utilizing objectivity—these could all help to decondition your typical more egoically primitive instincts of reaction…

An unexpected response, then, if you’re up for it—humor.

There are two kinds of celestial crustacean—there’s the Cancer that takes everything quite seriously, however unnecessarily, and is often typically unhappy, disappointed, hurt, or emotionally tortured—because everything is taken personally… and then there’s the Cancer that has no time for any of that at all, but would rather find the humor within the pain, or disappointment, the tragedy, or the ironic meaning of it all—and this Cancer lets it all go, are happier for it, and can identify the humor without being so personally involved.


Which Cancerian vibration would you rather condition (or decondition)? If anything—humor can be distracting, and shared. It can be quite cathartic, if the connection remains connected.

Later, the moon moves on to square back to Chiron through a degree that represents growth—though, as this is a square, a square between the likes of the moon, the Cancer moon no less, and Chiron, in Aries—whatever growth you’re needing to endure now is harsh, and likely complicated… this growth will inevitably—should you be willing to fully and actively endure through participation—regard a new layer, in real time, within your ongoing processing of self-actualization.

Self-actualization can be tremendously enlightening… or tragically daunting or stagnated—encore une fois, ainsi va la vie.

Either way—sometimes you may need to forgive yourself, for living in a manner that was necessary at another time, or for misunderstanding something essential, or for just not being present for a moment in your life that might have mattered.

For today—just try to find the humor in your conditioning, within your growth, within all your quirks and flaws, and forgive… and if you’re unable or unwilling—try watching stand-up. Maybe Anthony Jesselnik’s ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ could jolt you from your self-endorsed cocoon of egoic comfort.

If you want to see the brave, look to those who can forgive.❞
——the Bhagavad Gita (thank you Annee—so timely)

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by itspeteski

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