Cancer Balsamic Moon
—July 27

Something tells me you willingly participated in yesterday’s deconditioning and efforts in forgiveness… (—I truly hope so…)

If not—today offers Round 2. Or 3. Or wherever you left off.

Three days of heavy heavy Cancer moon amidst the lightened, brightened liberation of a Leo sun!—so what fresh hell is this?!—let’s find a way to genuinely forgive and move forward!

However, we’re on day three of a heavy heavy Cancer moon moving into an opposition with Pluto amidst the lightened, brightened liberation of a Leo sun—and so, essentially, your darkest inner fears are being confronted while a sense of security is also being potentially threatened, or maybe it’s the other way around… and your darkest inner fears are feeling threatened while a sense of security is simultaneously being confronted, or tested.

However close you felt toward forgiving—may be pinched back now.

And the sun made its annual opposition to Pluto back on July 19th, a day when the moon was in Aries, conjunct Chiron—ouch!

Anything still feeling pinched from that day?—because the moon moving through this point next will illuminate the heavy squish of it all… if you feel that “everything is too confusing and complicated, you should go somewhere that allows for quiet times and informed reflection…” you know, like under a rock—the way a crab would.

Truly, Kaldera’s advice toward actively feeling through forgiveness, however harshly it pinches, is sharply apropos today.

Still, despite whatever barriers or burdens you’re navigating, however laterally—persevere… (and forgive) you’ll be stronger for it.

As those wanton with woe will muse: this, too, shall pass.

To err is human, to forgive, divine.❞
——Alexander Pope

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🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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