Leo New Moon at 5°39′
—July 28

The sun is shining its brightest, metaphorically—its truest, symbolically…

It is upon the Leo new moon that “we concentrate on creativity in any endeavor…” according to shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera.

Through today’s energies, “self-expression, self-confidence, self-esteem—these things come easily…” and a ‘confident embodiment of new styles of expression…’ exist most confidently, and though there is a particular charisma present, both within and without… astrologer Austin Coppock writes that the word ‘persona’ describes these Leonine energies in that “the persona does not describe the entire geography of the soul, instead, it describes the social role played by the person—[that] the personality thus contains modes of expression and action which predispose one to playing a particular role, whether that part be villain, savior, or victim…” boldly, without apology.

Most certainly, however, through the degree this new moon occurs, there’s an emboldened concentration toward new ideas being challenged.

What are these challenges?

What are you learning through these challenges?

What needs a bit of renovation?

In fact, “you may find yourself faced with a choice between tried-and-true established ways and the modern or innovative… it is most likely that the best qualities of both attitudes is the proper compromise—there may be a need to be mindful of other people’s mindsets and generational differences…”



Remember, too, that Leo energies are energies focused specifically within a heart-centeredness… which is to extend oneself beyond oneself toward others, intentionally, with selfless purpose, regardless of deserving or worthiness…

To be entirely self-possessed—not with ego or pride, but simply with self-possession and personal sovereignty, demands a complete selflessness… to go beyond, despite whatever emotions may exist or occur or impinge—after all, as the recently late Ivana Trump once said, “don’t get mad, darling—get everything…” which requires a firm and impersonal centeredness of character, indeed.

Astrologer Austin Coppock expresses that through this first decan of Leo, “to be able to direct the spotlight is a potent power… there are are spotlights waiting for us at certain crossroads, stages set up and awaiting our performance—there are times where it is one’s performance and decisions that are utterly determinant of the state of not only our life but other lives… these rays are cast down not by our decisions, but by Life itself.”

Further, Coppock states that “many fear the beams, as they should…”

There are opportunities, these days, to ‘get in step with a new beat… for harmonious progression…’ to personally evolve beyond all previous growth or actual lesson.

And now we are very much within the thick of the still -building grand cross between the Taurean stellium between Mars, Uranus and the North Node (with the South Node in Scorpio), Saturn in Aquarius, and currently—Mercury in Leo… and this new moon only magnifies and illuminates the Leonine presence.

The end of July will very much describe the ways in which we express our heart-centeredness—which will also provide an individuated outlet for loving inspiration and empowerment, outwardly, beyond Self…

To him whose elastic and vigorous thought keeps pace with the sun, the day is a perpetual morning…
——Henry David Thoreau

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by frankmoth

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