Leo Crescent Moon
—July 29

This last weekend I was reading an essay within which the author wrote that whatever it was that typically offered ‘ordinarily sanguinary predilections…’ I thought to myself nearly immediately, as I was rereading it to experience it again and again, the flow of those words… this sounds appropriate for next weekend—which is today.

What would typically feel ordinarily sanguinary via a Leo moon kinda day, when the sun is joined in Leo… may today feel a bit off.

A Leo crescent moon doesn’t really thrill to the thought of taking too much too seriously, it’s true—but there may be a smidge of seriousness to contend with nevertheless.

The ongoing, continued building of tensions between the fixed energies of Taurus and Leo are coming to a potentially harsh head—to be at its peak July 31 and August 1—which will inevitably result in dramatic breakdowns or cathartic breakthroughs… either of which will be as metaphorically painful as they will be symbolically relieving.

Meanwhile, Venus in Cancer is applying a square to Chiron in Aries. Ugh. This square, too, will also be exact on July 31. Ugh.

So, what would ordinarily offer a sanguinary predilection—today offers more of a palpable perniciousness. Ugh.

Further, and somewhat ironically, in looking up the degrees through which these squares occur—these degrees read happily, and quite Leo-esquely really, though, when considering the planetary players involved specifically, the sanguinary predilection turns pernicious.

However, creative-cum-catastrophic release is absolutely synonymous with the actual planetary aspectual energies abound, though this sentimental sensation of release may, again, go one of two ways—or simultaneously, I suppose anything is possible—either toward a breakdown or a breakthrough…

Perhaps the building Venus/Chiron square could inspire a softer side to the harshly hard edges of the fixed grand square?—though this softness may not be exactly the kind of soft that’s conducive to these types of energies, as Venus in Cancer is highly and largely at risk of offense, and is tremendously vulnerable to hurts of all levels without so much as a flinch of physical proof… it can be very trying, then, to navigate already choppy waters upon waters of ultimated feelings of subjectivity—it’s a no win.

When I suggest that this energy duo could help I mean to pinpoint, specifically, the Venus in Cancer/Chiron ability to empathize on a heightened wavelength and to both embrace and demand loyalty…

Particularly, a loyalty to Self—though, at this point, a severe lack of seriousness overall, feelings be damned—a loyalty to Self now is really what needs to be focused on as we embark upon the upcoming peak of energies.

You cannot live when you are untouchable. Life is vulnerability.”❞
——Édouard Bouba

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by handleofiron

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