Virgo/Libra Crescent Moon
—August 1

And August comes in with a ROAR!!!

So today’s lunarly approach may be somewhat protected—and I say ‘somewhat’ somewhat dramatically (and hopefully), as in lingually, extending the verbosity of inflection, as in ‘sooooomewhaaaaaaaat’, if you can read it this way for yourselves…

Protected, as in, a Virgo moon informs boundaries, always. Almost inherently, and nearly unrecognizably—these energies seem to do this without even noticing.

These boundaries may be essential. Give yourself some space.

Try to keep your balance.

Again, like yesterday, today is a really ideal day to willingly change something, or begin something new, or release something that’s become dull, routine, or vacant…

However. Unlike yesterday… today’s energies are technically separating from yesterday’s Taurean stellium—in fact, the peak of exactitude occured between 10:30pm PDT and 11:30pm PDT last night—and so maintaining a focus more upon the overall goal, instead of the squish and the noise, is much more likely…

Regardless, “be cautious of feeling that what you are doing is inconsequential… sometimes there’s the need to wait things out until one is more mature, practiced or prepared to be in charge…”

Further, “give reverence and respect to your everyday routines, not matter how insignificant they seem and you will find your sense of hope renewed… however, watch out for any feelings of jealousy—that someone is bigger, better, or more experienced, or more respected than the other—measuring [your]self by the successes of others can be useful, except when it degrades your belief in yourself, or in others….”

Ultimately, today may represent a seizure of personal power.

A seizing of personal power potential—if anything…

The moon leaves the day symbolically “taking action or control…” and so, then, may you.

Situations are becoming illuminated. Insights are being received, and shared. The larger reality is being recognized, and personally acknowledged. Confidence is becoming embodied.

Ultimately, convictions and personal authorities need not be pushed or defended—when one’s true light if it’s radiating one’s motivations.

You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds… claim and consciously use your power.❞
——Louise L. Hay

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by nika.novich.art

☽♎︎ by 9:06pm PDT; 10:06pm MDT; 11:06pm CDT; 12:06am EDT tomorrow

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