Libra Crescent Moon
—August 2

This weekend’s celestial events between the Taurean stellium and everything else—let’s face it—this will likely take through midmonth to fade out enough until it’s possibly subtle enough to maybe finally talk about.

So if through the Leo moon we throw the party and make a real mess, or make a mess otherwise, in general… and through the Virgo moon we clean the mess up, reorganize, sanitize, and otherwise put order toward it all… then it is through the Libra moon that we redecorate and otherwise rebalance the overall aesthetics.

So, unsurprisingly, just before the peak of the stellium conjunctions—the moon was in Leo, and messes were truly made…

Luckily, the moon was in rationally sturdy Virgo through the peak exactness, and its separating.

And now we come to the Libra moon, and the redecorating through this crescent phasing needs to target going deeper into the reasons why the mess was made or created… “go deeper into your situation—find solutions as different parts of your personality and your psyche give you clues or tell you what you should be doing or where you should be.”

As astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed the degree through which the moon connects to Jupiter by opposition described, “the need to return to source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society…”

Continued, Rudhyar expressed, by this degree, “an attempt to re-identify oneself with one’s archetypal essence of being, which is triune in manifestation, and now, after confused but challenging wanderings, to identify oneself consciously with this ‘essence’… the great moments of the collective past become an inspiration for new, yet sound, beginnings—the seed of tomorrow salutes the seed of yesteryear.”

Perhaps today’s energies and consequential redecorating are centering toward notions of transfiguration?

Not only does Rudhyar further identify the apostolic detail of this, the dictionary, too, defines this term as ‘the supernatural and glorified change (in the appearance of Jesus on the mountain… Matthew 17:1-9)’, though most essentially here, this word describes a ‘change of shape’…

It is important, here, through a lunarly opposition to Jupiter—a planet very much associated with apostolic/messiah ego… ugh—it’s important to keep your balance and bearings today lol… you’ll most likely have the potential and opportunity to experience a changing of shape in terms of attitude or perspective, however, keeping this realistic is key—Libran energies are particularly subtle.

We also, naturally, look at what Venus is up to so that we may better appropriate the redecorating and rebalancing, more precisely…

Venus is still moving through Cancer and connecting to the Taurean stellium by sextile, as is Juno, now in Pisces… Venus is moving through a degree associated with ‘an ease of communication’, but also ‘floating on the emotions’… this degree “encourages the breaking away from any restrictions or expectations and letting yourself float… although this is not a time for seriousness, and you may need to develop trust in those around you to be able to surrender to your feelings spontaneously…”


Libran subtlety would suggest that you still keep your balance, specifically—in reading between all the lines, regardless of what is actually said, spoken, or, perhaps most significantly, what is not said.

If you need something from somebody always give that person a way to hand it to you.❞
——Sue Monk Kidd

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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