Libra Crescent Moon
—August 3

Today’s a heavier day…

Despite whatever balancing act you think you can pull off—keep in mind that tomorrow the moon moves into Scorpio, and Friday is the first quarter moon, in Scorpio—this balancing act is one of necessary endurance, indeed…

Also, please keep in mind that Scorpio energies, these days, directly ping-pong off of the ever-moving Taurean stellium, as well as Saturn Rx in Aquarius—it’s absolutely a fixed game of pinball.

Don’t expect a lightness of mood until late morning Saturday through Sunday.

Then, almost all too quickly, Monday’s moon ‘goes back to work’, in Capricorn, into Aquarius… maybe let’s just take in one week at a time this month.

I get ahead of myself—it’s what astrologers do…

For today, however, to keep focused—it may not be a balancing act you’re necessarily after, but rather a sturdy sense of objectivity, which, in its own way, is indeed a balancing act…

A lunarly opposition to Chiron has the potential to hit you if you’re down, though, if you’re navigating with objectivity, this may be but a ‘ping’ into a new perspective—one of calm reassurance that whatever it is you’re struggling with, or through, that you can overcome one day at a time… particularly if you’re charming an appropriate outlook.

The Chironic sting, then, if you will, may be in the admittance of previously charming more inappropriate outlooks upon matters both within or beyond your control… because wisdom is only offered to those who honestly acknowledge alternatives of being—ultimately, alternatives to that which one’s own instincts instruct.

Depending upon your personal circumstances—this could feel a bit heavy to hold…

Then, a square to Venus. In Cancer. Ugh.

The degree this particularly squishy alignment occurs through only further exaggerates (or exploits) the innards of wisdom, though these wisdoms are given through only the most rigid behaviors…

Rudhyar even describes these energies by writing “this implies limitations and the possibility of sclerosis or inertia when confronted with new situations, yet there is beauty and wisdom in such a ritualization of behavior and of thinking…”

Ultimately, what Rudhyar referred to as ‘inherited wisdom’ can be “focused through one who accepts one’s own limitations…” and through the likes of the moon and Venus, within the context of cardinality, this would suggest a confrontation between what you actually need and what you strongly desire and think you need immediately—try to find the inherent limitation within this… using objectivity.

Is the confliction within or without?

Is the confliction regarding something toward which you know better?

And then the moon moves to connect with Saturn, adding that much more toward wisdoms, limitations, and the potentials of what is possible and… what simply isn’t. This connection illuminates the pinball strategy of it all: that it is through the cycles and limitations of our everydayness that creations emerge…

Rudhyar says of this degree something rather poetic, that “to create is only to reveal what essentially is… it is the vivid recognition of the as-yet-unknown in the known.”

The day ends, however, upon the heaviest ‘ping’, through applying a square to Pluto, to be exact tomorrow… and if these assurances abound, today, didn’t flip the script for you in weightier ways—you may be without a proper balance from which to operate through.

And either way, tomorrow’s Scorpio moon drops us straight into the depths and darknesses of the Underworld and moves without aspect all day… regardless of whatever balancing act we thought we could pull off—there is no need for a compass in the Underworld… it all just simply is.

There are no whole truths; all truths are half-truths. It is trying to treat them as whole truths that plays the devil.❞
——Alfred North Whitehead

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by strange_is_better

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