Capricorn Gibbous Moon


We’re still feeling, quite heavily, the true weight in our values, and worth—and this weight may even be providing something of a notion, message, or wisdom to take from…

Misperceptions, however, are more likely this morning*, as well as outright deceptiveness, shadowy intentions, and/or sneaky motives.

Also, continued confrontations with yourself…

As a Capricorn moon needs to be quite active and working toward a goal, however small or tedious, today’s energies may very well have you confronting yourself with reason—specifically toward issues of inhibitions and matters of conditioning.

Perhaps today’s goal is to lift some of your obligations from your plate?—or maybe those assigned by societal duty… or maybe you’re needing to tend to details of privacy, and the protection of it. Contrarily, you could be on a personal mission to share something quite vulnerable or real with others… again, “be wary of really exposing yourself too readily or too much to others, in the things you say or do, as you may do better to keep things more to yourself…” for now.

Further, “you may feel that you have been lumbered with responsibilities beyond the normal dictates of your experience and possibly beyond your safe or comfortable capabilities…” and in this case you may need to take a breather more seriously and make it a goal to balance more rests and relaxation into your routines. Especially if you’ve much to do—it would behoove you to consider the long-term effects of such long hauls.

Perhaps that realization is more for tomorrow?—when the moon meets Pluto in conjunction through a degree associated with ‘aloneness and separation’ and finding grounding toward ‘ambitions to get to the top’…

Because you’re worth it.

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise… seek what they sought.❞

——Matsuo Basho

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by in.white.rooms_

*from 12pm-7am PDT; 1-8am MDT; 2-9am CDT; 3-10am EDT

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