Capricorn/Aquarius Gibbous Moon

—August 10

Several things…

Today’s energies are very much ensconced within saturnian sobriety—I cannot think of a more appropriate way to explain it.

Additionally, today’s Saturn-governed moon connects to Pluto in conjunction… and so this would, too, ever so similarly, suggest something of an irregularly intense sobering somberness, particularly toward that which influences your mood.

The moon, while still moving through the final degrees of Capricorn, will connect with Venus in opposition—through a hardened saturnian lens of emotionality—somewhat re-illuminating yesterday’s Venus/Pluto opposition…

And then the moon will move into traditionally Saturn-ruled Aquarius.

Because this is a post about the moon—so literally, a post regarding only your feelings—feelings currently being ensconced by Saturn—you may actually be “too involved in a situation to see what’s going on…” and perhaps your mood, or emotionality, might be too centered upon a result rather than all the details and sentiments involved… the long haul is something a Capricorn moon knows all too well—and this focus is absolutely valid now—but there’s so much going on, things that need your loving touch… good luck trying to switch gears.

Nevertheless, you are striving… with a ‘rugged determination to reach your goals…’ as you’re simply too tuned in to ‘assessing the feasability of your goals…’ though you really need to be pacing yourself, and set some realistic time frames to work within.

Once the moon moves into Aquarius the moon will make no further aspects until tomorrow… only reverberating those Aquarian/Saturn vibes—the lack of aspects may only strengthen the impersonal chill, a chill, perhaps, only conveniently timed on an effort to allow you more time to further your long haul goal-setting…

However, there may be a trick or two that comes from the side.

Meanwhile, the sun is moving into aspect with what will now become the moving grand cross… from here through the 14th of August the sun will highlight the moving Taurean stellium, in opposition to Saturn, and in square with the Nodes through the nineteenth degree—unless you’re willing to read the forthcoming post regarding this celestial activity, I’ll leave you with this: keep track of where you’re going… more to come—subscribe for additional posts and never miss out.

The power never to compromise… [to] have the fortitude—the guts!—the stamina for the long haul.❞
——H.A. Dorfman

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