Aquarius Full Moon at 19°22′

—August 11

I have this theory…

I believe that when we manifest our natal planetary placements through our living reality—literally living these energies in action in real time—that we, in turn, experience ease and sensations of fulfillment… that we’ve ‘appeased the gods’ and they are smiling.

I call it ‘walking our red carpet’… not unlike the yellow brick road.

Rather, much like mystics—as mystics have been known to cultivate inner states of tranquility and equanimity—seeking to know God through self-surrendering… when we surrender our ego-impulses and act out the planetary motivations within our nativity—the music of the spheres reverberates within.

This is why it’s so important to understand our charts—as they are literally a walking/talking road map directing us toward potentials of ease and fulfillment… every planet and aspect tells us how via their own uniquely characteristic messages—should you know how to transcribe them… [enter your friendly redheaded astrologer]

In the August issue of The Planetary Planner I wrote under the Monthly Moon column that today’s Aquarius full moon would offer a message…

Continued, I wrote that “though it is likely that the ‘message’ could have everything to do with progressive directionality through very mature measures of determined ideals—whatever that means lol—but most definitely, the message will be received patiently, or possibly not at all… it will also depend upon whether you’ve ‘stepped up’ through the tensions abound… and whether you’ve responded —or reacted.”

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree as one of quite high note, in that it spoke of “the individual who has gone courageously and with indomitable spirit through his crucial crisis receives, as it were, a deep spiritual blessing from the soul-realm: Mission accomplished. Peace be with you… and in this blessing a secret prophecy of what is yet to come may be seen by the perspicacious and spiritually sensitive mind of the recipient; every real spiritual step a man takes in his development is the result of a victory over forces of inertia or destruction…” not many humans, these days, can boast as much by any stretch of the imagination…

This is an extraordinary feat… not some average occurrence.

Which is why I suggested that—should a message be received at all—the message would be offered through what I referred to as ‘progressive directionality’, in reference to this building, perhaps even peaking, grand cross… in fact, Rudhyar claimed, in posthumous agreement, that “what the ‘message’ is depends on the particular situation…”

Could this message, then, become some sort of clue to you toward how to manifest—rather, animate!—or revive—your red carpet!?

Please understand, however, that this grand cross is occurring through elemental fixity, which would suggest more of a silent treatment than any message—unless the message is one of resistance or complaint, or maybe, more hopefully, direction.

Plus, we’re dealing with a square to Mars here, and to Uranus conjunct the NN—a Scorpio SN, and a lunarly conjunction to Saturn… ugh, right?! I mean—if you’re not motivated enough to be up to the challenge of: What May Be—you’re likely not feeling any ease or any sense of fulfillment, other than an overwhelm of that which is quite uncomfortable, or less than desired…

And when we’re dealing with fixed energies—an overwhelm of whatever we don’t enjoy typically translates to much-needed changes needing to be made, changes which aren’t being made… and so these energies work in a way through which these necessary changes will inevitably be made for you.

It’s always so much better to willfully make necessary changes…

But, we make our choices. Some of us enjoy ‘the hard way’.

Anyway… it’s the moon’s story we’re translating here, and the moon is in Aquarius, illuminating a grand cross in conjunction with Saturn, square the Taurean stellium and Mars…

When the moon is in Aquarius we typically seek out that which is different from ourselves or experiences different from our own personal experiences, and the need, then, is to thrive through the unfamiliar—practically and flawlessly, if possible. What’s more?—to thrive through the unfamiliar, practically and flawlessly, with purpose.

What is your personal purpose?

What do you want to stand for?

What are you intrinsically motivated by?

What thoroughly delights you in a most natural way?

The very woo woo message to ‘follow your bliss’ bullshit isn’t enough here, or ever—nor does it typically sustain itself… mystics weren’t ‘following their bliss…’ and they were living against the grain through a time in history when you were either exiled or exterminated of you even thought differently than the status quo. Mysticism was an unfamiliar landscape… but it sustained purpose.

The red carpet, more specifically, describes our personal overall, larger perspective purpose… and when we live in purpose—no matter who you are or how you were raised, or how much income you earn—you are happier and more fulfilled… because you’re walking your planets in the ways by which your planets were intentioned to be lived out through you, negotiated through the celestial contract of your birth chart, upon your very first breath.

The red carpet, then, is a realignment with our light-force.

Much like mysticism…

When the mystics were in connection with God it is said that they received absolute understanding to every potential situation… that, despite the meaning extended beyond their mystical etymology—all mystery was eliminated… the messages the Mystics shared with humanity have remained precious, bearing light upon that which remains—after all these centuries—more or less shrouded in darkness.

When Mystics did receive understanding, they did not share it with the masses, nor did they try to control anyone or anything with this information… and as we’re now living within this Age of Air, as I continue to lecture—no longer are we able to ‘control’ much of anything… but rather, seek to understand, influence, and infiltrate.

Fixed energies prefer to control.

When the sun is in Leo, its weakness is to try to control others, especially others expression/reaction impulse—particularly through either intimidation or pouting.

When the SN is in Scorpio, its weakness is to try to control our anxieties and fears toward that which is unfamiliar and unknown, and unknowable…

When Mars and Uranus and the NN are all in Taurus, oh my goodness, these weaknesses try to control, respectively, our motivations, our ideals, and our—wait a minute!—this post is about the moon…

When the moon is in Aquarius, the weakness here is to try to control… our own weaknesses—typically with rationality—when only our own personal version of internal irrationality will make a difference toward whatever weaknesses we consider too much to tend to.

This fixed grand cross is like a celestial cage—and it’s being rattled, quite literally. The white dove needs to fly… into the unknown—within its alignment with All That Is.

The 6 of swords in the tarot is associated with the second decan of Aquarius, about which astrologer Austin Coppock expresses that “yet there is a foreignness to the untamed spaces between, and something alien about those that dwell within them…” and within this space, “in this forbidding image—we see the fear that people have of what lies outside their small worlds…”

Continued, “this face is one of independence, of living and becoming according one’s principles.”

Finally, tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of the 6 of swords, that “breaking patterns is hard… if they weren’t, they wouldn’t call them patterns in the first place.”

Further, “when we look under the hood of the patterns that don’t serve us, we often find a current of emotions that we’ve been trying to keep at bay… left unexamined, the impulse to avoid certain internal experiences can fuel the continued choosing of a thing that breeds suffering—this is why simply knowing that a pattern is happening is often insufficient for actual change… usually, we have to summon the willingness to feel something that we simply weren’t willing to feel before.”

Perhaps this is your message, dear reader—that the dove of this post comes to you, however symbolically, to trigger your thoughts toward that which you feel deeply within your bones…

Dore writes further, that “once you’ve identified that a pattern is happening, you can start to see where the fear is living; it’s often at the exact location where the pattern could be broken… each time you hit the edge of a feeling that scares you—you’re at a crossroads with a choice to make.”

Or perhaps, dear reader, the message most pertinent within is the one that has you questioning why you wouldn’t want to change something within your reality that has gone stale or barren… as if there’s something you are resisting or refusing to change—you’ve already hit upon something quite real… and mysteriously relevant.

You’re already understanding more about whatever it is that you’re keeping from yourself—and likely the reason why.

Something was dead in each of us, and what was dead was Hope…

——Oscar Wilde

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