Aquarius/Pisces Disseminating Moon

—August 12

Today is a day of hope… and, hopefully—self-sacrifice.

Today’s only lunar connection is a square to Mars through a degree that associates itself with management…

Mars remains moving through the final degrees of Taurus—inspiring quite a bit of lengthy forethought before making any moves haphazardly, if possible… though, if there’s any lingering, residual, or very recent anger, resentment, or any frustrated emotions being experienced—Mars here could actually hinder movement forward altogether.

Otherwise, a lunarly connection to Mars—by square—would suggest a real, raw readiness and determination to go after something wanted, desired, needed, or necessary… something just beyond reach… and, in Aquarius, this desired need is likely a goal or ideal—something necessary to improve your outlook or longer-term horizons. Which, apropos to yesterday’s full moon—this is particularly on time.

So yea, this sounds about right.

For today, allow me to suggest taking your feelings out of the equation, as well as your needs, your preferences, your desires, and your instincts—and between this goal/ideal of yours and you, manage this with only your left-brained rationality…

Can you connect logical dots?

Today is about ‘identifying and solving complex problems; staying cool and composed when confronted with a dire problem; following correct procedures; piecing together a mystery by collecting facts and testing one’s hunches; getting people to show their true colors; provoking a reaction by saying exactly what one thinks; turning up the voltage in an argument; working out provisional analyses; and catalyzing the unveiling of the truth…’

Today is a day to keep from feeling ‘boiled over’…

Anticipate for future frictions now—save yourself some time.

Whatever forward movement occurring now—pause—and give it an ole check-up and tune-up… cos you just never know…

We boil at different degrees.❞

——Ralph Waldo Emerson

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