Pisces Disseminating Moon

You might want to prepare for less than desired.

Particularly—in regard to conversations and/or confrontations.

Specifically, “it’s true that if we stay alert to the possibility of attack or confrontation, it helps us to respond when it’s really necessary… however, often the expected attack never eventuates—sometimes there is more energy expended in the drilling of tactical maneuvers than exists in the actual threat itself—the trick is to be able to keep on one’s guard, and to relax at the same time…”

How prepared are you for What May Be?

Are you considering the potential outcomes?

It’s important now to ‘focus on a problem… be on target; with single-minded concentration on a specific task; perfecting a skill through practice; and achieving peak performance…’

Sadly, however… this is a Pisces moon. A Pisces moon isn’t too keen on self-discipline or single-minded concentration… there’s no analysis with a Pisces moon.

A Pisces disseminating moon needs to simply give—in whatever way that needs to be; a Pisces moon in this phase needs to learn its limitations and boundaries, however, specifically toward giving and selflessness…

At what point do you become uncomfortable and begin to dislike giving so selflessly?—at what point does this service make you feel superior to others?

Perhaps these potentials may be appropriately pondered…

Otherwise, it may be a day to feel emotionally run over.

Dispensing goodwill to mankind is a hazardous business at best.❞

——Yukio Mishima

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