Aries Disseminating Moon

—August 15

It’s time, again, for the monthly lunarly conjunction to Jupiter—it’s that time of the month to contemplate the meaning of things…

Especially within a specifically personal context.

It’s a time to share your own thoughts regarding meaning, and a time to gather outsider thoughts—it’s a time to be open to flashes of inspiration, stirring just asking the peripheral… and this time—this time alone—be open to welcome illumination from beyond ourselves.

These energies are ‘following the inner light wherever it leads…’

You may discover that much of the meaning you connect with regards a mutuality with others… though, to what extent are you willing to share yourself so openly?—today may be one of those days for privacy, solitude, and/or inner self-guided meditations.

Then the moon moves on toward the monthly lunarly conjunction to Chiron—it’s that time of the month to protect yourself from that which you do not yet fully comprehend…

These energies have you ‘pausing to think things through before setting out on a new course in life versus boredom, passion, or anger… learning to establish communication between the ‘parental voice’ and ‘adolescent voice’ within [your] mind…’

Perhaps the illuminations or inner inspirations you are able to capture will also, somewhat simultaneously, open whatever emotional blockading your subconscious/psyche has psychically cemented upon itself out of self-protection or defense—this type of defensive mechanism may have been necessary or appropriate in the past… and now, it’s no longer needed.

Find an inner alignment with yourself through which you can open.

The wounded mind must be reset like a fractured bone. It cannot heal itself without spiritual realignment.❞

——Anthon St. Maarten

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