Taurus Disseminating Moon

—August 17

ll day the moon moves toward Uranus and the NN, exacting these energies tomorrow, just after midnight and lingering through the morning hours…

It is a time to reflect Venusian matters.

Venusian matters would include, but not be limited to, that which you find valuable, worthy, beautiful, and desirable… Venusian matters are also matters toward which we somewhat actively participate, in some manner, in the accumulation, collection, obtainment, investment, or inheritance thereof… because anything one finds valuable, worthy, beautiful—or somehow aesthetically pleasing, and desirable… one doesn’t not participate.

One is capable of building the ideal life within which one would prefer to live… we do it everyday—or should…

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that this is the Builder’s Moon, a moon when “we pick up tools and make practical changes in our worlds…”

This need not be actual carpentry, of course—though it is entirely not out of the question for someone who has never used a hammer, ever, to suddenly find reason to need one, and use one…

Kaldera mentions for this moon, also, that this moon “is essentially creative… at the moment, the creativity outweighs the destruction (that, however, will change soon…)”

Today’s building moon squares Venus, in Leo… this occurs through a degree that represents ‘independence from outer circumstances; using the creative mind to work through momentary shortages or problems; improvisation; and the value of timing…’

Because this is a post regarding the moon, and thereby the emotionality and overall ‘mood’ of the day—and not at all the mentality or mental acuity most likely today—this very conveniently marked degree through which the overall mood is challenged by that which is desired… this may suggest that in the creative participation toward that which you desire—either the responsibility thereof or the struggle to improve upon whatever it may be… these may be a bit too much right now—and how does a Taurean moon react when faced with something too big to easily approach?—a Taurean moon resists and stays the same.

This will be a problem… particularly today.

Try to distance yourself from that which you desire—specifically, emotionally; try not to take any of it personally.

Try, also, to acknowledge the essence of that which you desire, and the foundationality of any issues that may occur—the basis of these should speak volumes.

I don’t have any solutions… but I certainly admire the problem.❞

——Ashleigh Brilliant

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