Taurus Last Quarter Moon at 26°12′

—August 18


This is the word astrologer Dane Rudhyar assigned for the degree tonight’s last quarter moon occurs through…*

Earlier in the morning, however, the moon will connect to Uranus and the NN in conjunction—this conjunction will re-illuminate the last time the moon connected here, on July 22nd…

Since that last lunarly conjunction—on July 22nd—quite a lot of celestial activity has occurred, to say the very least…

You can reflect back through from this time until now—see if you can identify any ongoing themes or triggering highlights, or possibly re-occurring nuisances, or epiphanic sparks. I only mention it because this lunarly re-illumination will potentially do just that—re-illuminate whatever it is that you’ve identified, if anything.

Otherwise, this conjunction may merely embolden a heightened sense of inner creativity or preceptory intuitiveness… a surging of new potentialities, quite literally.

And, of course—it’s more typical than not that new potentialities require, if not demand, at least one adjustment… if not more.

Further—this is a last quarter moon, which typically require external adjustments, as it was upon the first quarter moon that any internal preparatory adjustments were forewarned (and likely ignored, should you be experiencing panic or challenge now…)

This is a last quarter moon that regards, specifically, the adjustments of money—as well as the examination of your relationship with money, as well as the actual value and worth associated to that which you spend your money on…

How much joy do you experience through money?

What is the actual honest difference between the joy you experience through money—and the stress you endure in association to money?

Do you experience more stress than joy? Why or why not?

Should you answer that you experience more stress than joy—it is time to truthfully source back to the actual source of this… so that you can adjust it in your favor.

It’s a time of overcoming phobias, after all… and whatever fear of joy you’ve been harboring; cherophobia is the irrational aversion to happiness (‘chero’ being Greek for ‘rejoice’)…

This last quarter moon occurs through a degree that advises to “not underestimate yourself or restrict yourself to what you think others believe you are capable of—you may be placing limitations on your capabilities and it is in these very limitations that can truly reveal to you hidden talents and skills that are sometimes taken for granted… sometimes it is necessary to do things that seem below your true station in life in order to survive, but true survival begins in your heart and your belief in yourself.”

That’s powerful.

Astrologer Austin Coppock titles the third decan of Taurus—through which this lunarly event occurs through—a String of Prayer Beads; and expresses that “while in the first decan of Taurus great plans were laid and in the second, success was obtained, the third represents a confrontation with destructive factors which impede completion…”

Further, continued, Coppock writes that “sometimes catastrophe befalls us through no apparent fault of our own… the wise acknowledge what is revealed here, and make plans to accommodate the unforseen… wisdom, patience, humility, and foresight are the unexpected fruits of the destructive forces which prowl this face—thus while the duality of ruin and restoration is in some cases self-caused, such a narrow view misses the larger lessons made visible here.”

This decan of Taurus is represented by the 7 of pentacles in the tarot, a card that is associated with—ever so conveniently—returns on investments… or failure.

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of this card, this card symbolizes a new secret.

Dore writes, “there’s an old tale by Hans Christian Anderson in which a small girl in winter sells matches on the street for pennies… The matches themselves could help the girl build a fire that would warm her through the night, but she must sell them in order to return home. Despite her best efforts to trade something with life-sustaining value for something of far less value, she is unsuccessful and, eventually, perishes…”

Continued, “these questions about true need, nourishment, and value are not trivial nor are they easy to answer… partly because there are soul needs, and there are survival needs, and in the context of capitalism these things can—and very often do—conflict.”

Hence—the last quarter moon.

Finally, one last excerpt from Dore—

“…We’ve traded attention and energy—our most precious and nonrenewable resources—for one-time use, disposable things with no real generative properties… even the worst deals we do in life served a purpose once, and if we want to do better, finding out more about what that purpose was may be helpful… maybe we were hoping to be rescued, maybe we were scared of the feeling we’d get walking away—being truthful about what we need does begin with an earnest exploration of what that might be, but too often this comes only after having sold off valuables we’ll never get back, and endured bellyaches from swallowing the things that don’t nourish us… and sure, we can call those things failures, but we can also call them a vital part of a process in which we learn to do the kinds of deals that bring us closer to what we require.”

Don’t work harder, friends… work smarter—it’s the Age of Air.

It’s a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think that they can be happy without money.

——Albert Camus

*LQ☽ occurs at 9:36pm PDT; 10:36pm MDT; 11:36pm CDT; 12:36am EDT tomorrow morning

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