Cancer Balsamic Moon
—August 23

Still craving a deeper meaning toward something emotionally regarded…

Though, there may be some bewilderment or puzzlement toward these deeper meanings… “patience, research, and respect for the past are all vital elements here—a teacher is likely to appear; much will be learned and revealed.”

There may be much to concentrate on—further, concentration upon the ‘overcoming of obstacles by gaining control of one’s inner and outer lives…’ and so a certain amount of inward attention should be taken advantage of today—though less emotionality applied toward your personal reveries… these should probably be better kept more leveled—still, this may be easier said than done—a practical, unemotional compromise may need to be found.

However. There is a feeling of sentimental containment that may continue to loom…

There is something of an unavoidable obligation ‘to accept responsibility and respond rationally…’

In a way—the emotionality of today’s underlying vibrations speaks more toward the owning to your own higher potentials and standards… of ‘living out a self-created role…’ and that those deeper meanings you’re seeking or fumbling with—perhaps the puzzle is more within yourself than you realize?

And maybe—just maybe—you’ve only to own up to who you really want to be?

A person wrapped up in himself makes for a very small package.❞

——Harry Emerson Fosdick

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