Leo Balsamic Moon
—August 24

Just before midnight last night, on the west coast, and by the time the bars close on the east coast, the Cancer moon opposed Pluto through a degree that describes ‘arguments and emotional confrontations…’, ‘bad weather and its consequences…’, and ‘furious emotions…’ and these energies may linger into this morning.

Especially, since today’s Leo moon connects to Jupiter by trine through a degree that describes ‘burning passions…’, and ‘standing on a soapbox…’, and ‘challenging authority…’

Not to mention that from now through the end of the month—despite the sun moving from the typically emotionally charged Leo energies to the much more solution-focused Virgoan vibrations—the energies are really quite flared and frazzled.

There could be a real tension in the air—and with Mars now in Gemini, and a Leo moon—these tensions are very likely being loudly and aggressively vocalized, as well as aggressively released from behind the wheel through road-rage.

Some of these voices and protests may have real messages and genuine concerns—and many may be pure noise and propaganda… be very careful where you choose to direct your attentions and energies… and be very careful when exchanging opposing opinions with others—you just never know… particularly, with today’s vibe.

Use your voice, but keep your wits, and make good choices, friends.

A thing is not necessarily true because badly uttered, nor false because spoken magnificently.❞

——Saint Augustine

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