Leo Balsamic Moon
—August 25

If yesterday’s energies and vibrations were bold—I suppose we’ve seen nothing yet… today’s energies continue to build, build, build…

Much like a roaring, seeking passion—building like a fire.

Putting something to the test may either be called for or volunteered, be it yourself, your own values or beliefs, or an/Others. Either way, something will be revealed—and likely much will be learned… it will be important to pay attention to both the larger, louder details as much as, if not more than, the smaller, softer ones.

Be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Or, in the other direction from putting something to the test, you may feel more compelled to keep to yourself or with those who share your thoughts and opinions… this sense of coming together—particularly under a balsamic moon—may do much for soothing and sense or sentimentality of togetherness you may feel you need, or this may simply be a comforting opportunity to reconnect.

And on this note—it may also be a really ideal time to switch something up, to change something that’s become routine to something unusual or new…

Along with the building today’s vibrations are charged with—these are just as heavily interlaced with possibility…

Anything can happen—anything happens all the time.

Not passion but compassion; ‘com’ means “with”… what kind of with-ness would that be?

——Anne Carson

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  1. “Anything can…”
    My mom always said, “somethings gonna happen”.
    And something always does.
    Mom’s and their wisdom.


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