Leo Balsamic Moon
—August 26

You might be on to something now…

Today’s lunarly energies are very much about flow, and trust, and alignment, and the magnetic fields through which our alignment is attained within the clockworks of All That Is, and yada yada yada.

And this is totally not woo-woo—it’s a thing.

For today—keep your wits about you regarding the differences between actual depth, and noise… between real and worthy, and vacancy.

Again, it’s a balsamic moon… so, “nothing happening here, folks…”, we’re only gaining information, learning, taking it all in… there’s no moving in any direction—only surrendering to something potentially quite large.

You might be on to something…

Also, the sun and Mars are building upon an ambitious square that will determinedly linger through the 29/30th—exact today through a degree that describes mutual agreements, an ‘openness to new ideas’, as well as ‘allowing a new creation to emerge organically from the collective consciousness…’

No one reaches a higher position without daring.❞

——Publilius Syrus

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