Virgo Crescent Moon
—August 28

Ever so appropriately titled by shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera, today’s Virgoan crescent moon is the Apprentice’s Moon.

Kaldera offers further, that “the Maiden has guardedly come out of her walled garden—not because she craves human contact, but because she wants to do something interesting and useful… it is a time of action, of wanting to take off and do something besides merely be…”

And so, continued, “she apprentices herself to the master of a skill and sets herself to learn… ”

And remember—this is the actual process… the unglamorous and mind numbingly slow part of the essentially necessary process—this moon represents, quite literally, all of the years and years upon years of learning, failing, relearning, mistakes, learning more, and unlearning even more through yet another failure that goes on behind the scenes of actual success, alongside the real blood, sweat, and tears…

Through this process, as well, “your greatest advantage lies in making sure all the parts are in working order… coordination and timing are important—replacements may be necessary.”

Further, “guard against underestimating the time you need to complete some task or meet a deadline—make sure you have everything you need before you start that important project…”

Further still, in continuation upon this point, “your efforts will be applauded and rewarded, denounced and punished, or simply ignored on the basis of their ultimate worth or usefulness.. ”

It is possible, in fact, that your reputation is either at risk, or being questioned, is on display, or is being more closely examined in some significant way… or, perhaps you’re being noticed, or celebrated, or you’re just wanting to upgrade your reputation—or initiate your reputation, if you’re working toward getting something new off the ground…

If you want to be the best, do your best, in action—consistently…

The nicest feeling in the world is to do a good deed anonymously—and have somebody find out.❞

——Oscar Wilde

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