Libra Crescent Moon
—August 30

Today could be particularly… hmmm… what’s the word….?


Typically, a Libra crescent moon is a moon to do what pleases us, quite simply… however, today’s Libra crescent moon opposes Chiron—and a lunarly opposition to Chiron immediately implies an issue—an issue that directly prevents one from such leisurely, pleasurable pursuits…

In fact, there could be a real trust issue needing tended to… and the degree through which this opposition occurs associates itself to ‘respite’… and this would be, of course—particularly for today—toward the ‘having a good handle of your situation…’ giving you the necessary time, through a personal respite, to appropriately navigate your circumstances, and cater to your most vulnerable needs.

This degree also associates its energies to ‘recognizing pivotal factors so one can act in a timely and intelligent fashion; attacking a problem from an odd but effective angle; tackling a major project oneself; resilience—bouncing back after setbacks; reexamining one’s long-range goals; fortitude in the face of life’s problems—including physical problems; and recognizing that destructive and constructive forces are always balanced in nature…’

Without “positive attitudes, and a reinforced attitude—the reconstruction may, at best, be shaky or temporary…”

On a side note—or possibly, an entirely symbolically reflective note —transportation issues may even need to be tended to… and any frustrations that are likely to emerge from this—try to be patient. And further—should your necessary repairs be more emotional—these, too, require patience, love, time, and reconnection… in fact, you may feel as though you need to reconnect most—with yourself.

Getting yourself back, and re-attuned, through a potentially much-needed personal respite, to the basics and necessities of all things considered—this, too, will be important now… all things repaired.

Should you be trying to control anything beyond yourself and your own actions and reactions—this will inevitably prove futile and fruitless… particularly if you’re expecting others to open to you, this way and that—if you’re not willing to share yourself with others.

We had a kettle; we let it leak:
Our not repairing made it worse.
We haven’t had any tea for a week…
The bottom is out of the Universe.❞

——Rudyard Kipling

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