Scorpio Crescent Moon
—September 1

The month of September begins on a more lunarly turbulent note.

In the September Issue of the Planetary Planner, I wrote that much of September will be focused upon matters of refinement—and today will begin your first opportunity to more appropriately refine that which is no longer working for you, or in your best light…

Fears and festerings otherwise inhibiting you, or pain—both psychic and residual, as well as underlying issues of anger, and even the “imprinting of early childhood experiences on the soul…” any and all of these are a few of today’s building and/or peaking topics your inner demons are busy bringing to the surface.

Today’s degrees describe “testing one’s mettle…”

If you’re able to approach these personal matters with a smidge of humor you may fare much more smoothly today—even simply wearing a smile that feels genuine and exudes genuineness… this can be quite powerful through today’s potentially more tense energies—so powerful, in fact, these proactive energies reflected could even transform your mood or inner temperament, for both yourself and for those around you.

A genuine effort in personal power could really turn your day around—it could really turn a lot around… you have the magnetism available to you today to “commandeer a situation… and try to control external situations…”

And, in turn, should you choose instead to frown or pout—or animate any underlying anger to the surface—this, too, will be powerfully reflecting, though nowhere near within your favor.

It will be powerfully effective, today—and always—to trust your inner knowing and personal conscience, as well as your inner voice.

Further, should you choose to challenge yourself against your own inhibitions—self-made or otherwise—and break through these… and maybe, just maybe, work to identify and understand the ‘spiritual issues behind whatever social problems’ you’re battling or navigating or living within.

Should you choose to ‘open up the bounds of what is possible…’ the bounds of what is possible will open much more widely back to you.

Most folks are as happy as they make their minds up to be…❞

——Abraham Lincoln

For those of you who will haven’t subscribed to my substack—September Issue of the Planetary Planner, Part 1 & September Issue of the Planetary Planner, Part 2 are available to read. Enjoy.

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