Scorpio/Sagittarius Crescent Moon
—September 2

A deeper understanding toward something with which you’ve been focusing upon or acting upon or working for may be necessary now…

Most probably and possibly—it’s a deeper understanding of the elements and the clockworks… but what do I know!?

That, “quite possibly, the impulse to peel away the layers… what is needed or wanted to be known, and what is being done to reveal the reality or structure of the situation that is facing you?”

However, there may also be a more harshly communicated… comment, or reminder, or announcement, or demand, or spectacle—either coming at you (seemingly, or actually) or occurring around you or within your environment… this can be mere noise—in which instance this noise could be quite loud, or it could also be something to actually listen to… in an effort to truly hear the message.

Will this message offer you a deeper understanding? Who knows.

Should a conclusion be made—maybe… however, these energies are largely about a ‘confrontation between emotion and reason and reexamining underlying motivations and assumptions…’

If the understanding you’re seeking has nothing to do with the noise, or the message—you’ll likely need to get back to probing more deeply for your own sake, until something feels more clarified.

Finally, the moon begins moving toward an opposition to Mars, exact tomorrow before exacting the 1st quarter moon—and so, maybe, just maybe, new responses to life will be offered or available, or even personally instinctive to you… further, this degree describes the reflection of “the imminent, or inevitable, rising of these new elements to the surface, and the need for you to look within to benefit from this inner shift—knowing that, by the very nature of having experiences in life, we are intuitively creating new potential, greater possibility and deeper wisdom in our lives…”

Questions to ask yourself: what is occurring for you?—occurring within your own ‘inner alchemy’ and inner knowing—and where is this ‘occurring’ within your personal cycles?—within new levels of consciousness?—as all of these are telltales toward your personal clockworks… and these are important to understand in a most personal and calendarical way.

A word to the wise—should you choose to take it: be wary of believing absolutely everything you hear or whatever you’re told—it’s essential to ask many questions; and to own up to whatever it is you need to confront, particularly about yourself… because it likely has potential—that is, if you truly understand whatever it is.

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness… our life is a long and arduous quest after truth.❞

——Mahatma Gandhi

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