Sagittarius 1st Quarter Moon at 11°14′
—September 3

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera writes of this moon, that “the Traveler becomes the Seeker when he knows, paradoxically, that what he is actually traveling to find is some deep truth—but he does not know what it is or what direction to take in order to find it…”

It is within the house that Sagittarius governs in our chart that we struggle with ‘rightness’ and ‘wrongness’, it is where we seemingly endlessly seek for that which we genuinely and thoroughly experience truth with a capital T… it is where we need to experience new and unfamiliar things—it is when and where, as Kaldera suggests, “we allow ourselves to yearn…”

And so, all of this—this area of your life and these experiences you’re seeking out for deeper understanding—is experiencing an inner crisis… specifically, Kaldera writes that it’s a “crisis of faith”.

Additionally, this inner crisis could be one of discernment as well.

And with Sagittarian energies—it’s typically ideals we’re discussing.

Further, “this is a time when our highest ideals can be felt deeply and proudly… you may find that you are moved to burst forth with expressions or declarations of your highest self—any issue that is really worthwhile and ‘centered’ will be seen and heard in the clear light of day…”

These declarations, however, shouldn’t be aggressively shared or forced—particularly if these declarations are merely opinion… still, this said, if there’s been something you’ve been holding your tongue on or about—now would be the time to share, as others will be listening; be careful with this detail! It is absolutely possible, now, that someone will voice something that seems exaggeratedly resistant or contrary or unpredictable—something that largely goes against the previous flow.

Same goes for something you’ve been wanting to do, but have been holding off—as this is likely part of the inner crisis—now may be the time to go for it… though, this too may be something of an inner conflict.

It is through these energies that one aims to rise, to elevate, to reach… it is through these energies that one puts forth effort into translating one’s ideals into actual actions, and in ‘knowing what a situation requires and voicing these opinions in a strong voice that resonates…’ while ‘keeping an eye on distant goals…’

Today is a day of adjustment. Necessary adjustments. Adjustments toward the inner crisis of your inner ideals… and, likely, acting out.

Further, the degree through which this first quarter moon occurs describes transformation, through “the struggle every individual experiences in trying to maintain one’s identity… in general, people seek the comfort of predictability in their relationships—therefore, when an individual is perceived to be changing to a degree that demands a reciprocal change in the way they will be required to relate…”

The 9 of wands in the tarot represents the second decan of Sagittarius, which governs today’s first quarter moon… this card is a card that describes boundaries—personal boundaries and boundaries of potential.

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of this card that “ideally what we want is a boundary that’s firm, visible from a mile away but not unwelcoming… there’s a doorway through the wall, but the gatekeeper is discerning and has a zero-tolerance policy for nonsense—maybe it would help to assign a particularly no-nonsense part of yourself to do that job, a part of you that has no qualms about protecting what is precious and that doesn’t beat around the bush or mince words when doing so… and then makes a commitment to yield to their counsel.”

Ideally… as is the Sagittarian way—today is about discerning in a most brutally honest way, to yourself, for yourself, toward what you are seeking, what you are needing, and what you are working toward… especially if these stand against a predictable flow—and most especially, of these demand the broadening of your personal boundaries to allow for More.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.❞

——Japanese proverb

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