Sagittarius/Capricorn Gibbous Moon
—September 4

These sentiments of deeper understanding you’ve been seeking—what have you come up with?

Upon this moon, it is a time to, as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states, “absorb what is to be found, not necessarily to find one particular thing—especially if that one thing is intended as a justification of some behavior…”

But further, today is a day “of learning about value, and values…”

Actualization is of the essence today—no longer the dreamy ideals of imagery within your mind’s eye.

Still, it may feel—or actually be—that you may be ‘doing what is necessary’, or doing something in circles, over and over… either way, you may begin to feel bored with whatever it is, especially if they never seem to ‘go’ anywhere.

Why don’t your goals/visions go anywhere exactly?

Particularly if you feel as though you repeatedly repeat your efforts—it should be quite clear to see where you’re missing something…

Today is a day to ponder on this and analyze it more thoroughly.

And finally, the moon connects to Venus by trine just before ingressing into Capricorn, just before Venus ingresses into Virgo.

This last degree of Sagittarius speaks of sanctity—to ‘the call to higher service…’ and thereby inspires one to ‘do what you believe is right…’ and to ‘study the curious mysteries of life and nature; to look at what is in front of one’s nose in a new light; to frame one’s situation in an inventive, open-ended way; to open up a chink in Plato’s cave… and to reduce situations to adages, quips, parables, or scientific formulas.’

Once the moon moves into Capricorn it makes no further aspects until tomorrow… use this time to take what you have absorbed through the day and acknowledge the meaning and value of the inherent lesson to be found within.

You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing.❞

——Andrew Jackson

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