Capricorn Gibbous Moon
—September 5

Today may be a day that offers information—messages erupting!—be it informationally valuable, or manipulatively informative… this will be the question.

The issue, too, could be within the reality that there may be real value within any of the information—morsels of truth within the fiction, and even valuable fiction within the facts… still, it’s important for you to also watch what you say, as well as be wary of what you hear from others, or from noise otherwise.

Today could generously offer mighty revelations—as effortlessly as it can offer the need to further probe into questionable inquiries, and uninformed insights…

What is the real meaning behind the ‘information’ you’ve come into?

What is the real meaning behind some of the insights you’ve gained?

Further, what is the real meaning behind some of the personal philosophies through which you live your life?

Particularly, as Mars now moves through Gemini—and Mercury is currently applying Mars in aspect—it’s important to remember that this transit infers words as weapons, and ‘informative’ ambiguousness, not to mention anxious feelings of divisive polarization… and today’s energies will illuminate these potentials. Again, the lesson—and real meaning—here is to learn to think for yourself, as well as ‘to guard against losing your perspective, or your sense of values…’

Read more about these suggestions here

Further still, if you’re in a place within your reality that you aren’t exactly thrilled with—it is time to begin making necessary changes… you could be reminded of clues that require you to think back upon previous cycles within your life to appropriately connect within your reality—these clues could assist you in these necessary changes.

Finally, the moon’s last connection today is a square to Chiron upon a degree that only further supports Venus ingressing into Virgo—a need for personal discipline… discipline in thinking for yourself.

The devil can cite scripture for his purpose…

——William Shakespeare

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