Aquarius/Pisces Gibbous Moon
—September 8

Disappointments could occur today…

Systems architect, Peter Wastholm, has been quoted to have said that, “some people are sympathetic, others are just pathetic…”

Today’s themes break through illusions in a way that reveal and exploit the “feeling, or belief, that one will never have the life one wants can lead to exactly that outcome…” as well as the total reliance “outside the self or believing that possessions are the ultimate source of happiness…”

Today’s accent is also upon ‘regret…’ that you “may realize too late that you relied on the wrong thing to get what you wanted…”

Today’s energies are attempting to illuminate resilience and determination through the “advantage in applying what you learn through experience to achieve new goals…” and despite it all, whatever the circumstance, large or small, “to keep moving forward.”

Keep hope in your back pocket. Embrace the failures that inspire growth and personal evolution. Trying to become sympathetic may be part of the challenge today, but—the alternative is just sad.

Just think how happy you would be if you lost everything you have right now, and then got it back again…

——Frances Rodman

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