Pisces Full Moon at 17°41′
—September 10

Today is a revival of sorts…

Today’s energies speak to “the gaining of a gestalt or holistic understanding of life through a dramatic intensification of experience…” through which a “renewed insight into one’s capacity for putting one’s world in order…”

Further, consequentially, you may very well feel “the effects of an emotional high that results in quickening of spirit, or a sudden rebirth of self-confidence and self-esteem.”

If you’re feeling inspired—particularly, inspired toward your ideals—it’s time to get organized toward that which you are feeling these inspirations.

Today’s lunarly event occurs within the second decan, a decan astrologer Austin Coppock writes of, that “here the central conflict is how to reconcile one’s understandings of the true nature of reality with the world-as-is… finding harmony with apparent reality of things while living and embodying one’s ideals…”

Which is to say—what you genuinely want to actualize in your reality everyday… opposed to a one-time experience, a fleeting feeling, or something unrealistic and thereby blatantly unlikely.

Do you know what you want?

Do you know what it is that will actually fill the void?

Do you know how to manage the process of actualizing this?—and sustaining this within your everyday?

If you do know, and you have actualized your ideal—perhaps today, for you, is to revive that which you’ve actualized.

The 9 of cups in the tarot is the card associated with today’s full moon—a card that reminds us that our values have nearly everything to do with our ideals… and, even further—it’s a card that asks you to ask yourself how well you actually know yourself.

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of this card, that “not knowing what you want is often rooted in things that weren’t your choice and aren’t your fault…” and there are handfuls of reasons that condition these ineptitudes of motivation… “a heart’s desire sprouts from a sense of self that’s sturdy enough to have preferences independent of external factors—when we know who we are, we can appropriately weigh our internal wants and needs against the wants and needs of the whole… and we’re often doing it not just once but over and over again as the conditions of our lives change, and with them, our wants and needs…”

There is absolutely a need to revive—and likely reexamine—your motives, your ideals… and who you are as a person these days—and purge that which no longer serves you, your values, or your ideals.

One filled with joy preaches without preaching.❞

——Mother Teresa

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