Aries Disseminating Moon
—September 11

Now it’s time to share your values with others—particularly in collaboration with others, to see well-roundly, specifically to further experience these values in ways that reach beyond yourself.

As my heart’s ideal always tells me: today’s a day to ‘get your feet set…’

Still… today may present some details that reveal only half of the story—and as one-sided as you may feel, try not to concern yourself too much with it, as it’s likely a distraction at this point… or, somewhat contrarily—today could open you to a new insight, a solution, or even the tiniest bit of light upon something that was previously shadowed.

However—even with light, solution, or insight—there may be a need to further translate, or interpret, or tune into the frequency.

So, get your feet set—there are things to do!—things to learn and things to prepare for! Follow your inner light wherever it leads…

The only limits are, as always, those of vision.

——James Broughton

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