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Gemini Last Quarter Moon at 24*59’

—September 17

This is a moon that shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera refers to as the Magician’s Moon —a moon when we “consider the matter of power and the power that lies in information —the true Gemini source of power…”

Further, one perspective toward the degree that this lunarly event occurs describes, that ‘the truth about your life is gained from what you have learned and how it is taking you forward…’ which is to say that the information through which you have specifically or strategically chosen to utilize as parameters within your reality and/or narrative that either make or break your efforts and motivations… again, information is powerful, particularly that which you choose to believe, and/or hold as gospel. So powerful, it can outright ruin you.

Today, then, is a day to (re)examine the information you take on… and why.

Today is a day to clear away anything that fails to stick.

On this point, ‘cutting back [and] getting rid of excess, or things you don’t really need in your life…’ is essential, to ‘streamline and refine…’ in fact, editing this post was somewhat painful, for a number of reasons.

This last quarter moon falls within the third decan of Gemini, a decan that represents the ‘termination’ of one of the twins… yikes!, but again, getting rid of excess.

Where is Gemini within your nativity? What sector of your reality does it govern? It is most likely a sector of your life that more than one of something tends to dominate, or naturally becomes a theme, within your personal reality… is there currently a struggle between or within the two occurring? Or, is one attempting to become more than the other in some way, provoking you now to have to make a choice?

The moon here, in this decan, is not exactly potent or powerful… which is to suggest that your decision, be it with information or choice, may be best placed within the time frames and emotionality of another day.

The 10 of swords within the tarot is associated with the third decan of Gemini, a card that tends to describe absolutes in a most dismal or tragic manner… as listed above!

Swords, in tarot, are associated with the element of air, and thereby naturally describe circumstances of choice, decisions, or otherwise intellectual opportunities of mentality, but perhaps most essentially, the swords represent a need for discernment… the swords tens to come up when we need to make a decision, or a choice, or when we otherwise need to shift or alter our perspectives toward something to allow for a broadened viewpoint, or a higher consciousness. Though, discernment can be hard, and it can also be quite harsh-particularly when it’s necessary.

Like information, thoughts are quite powerful.

Yet, this card, however dramatically edgy it may be, tends to foretell an ending.

Perhaps it’s a way you’ve been thinking about something, or something you’ve been quite rigidly believing to be true when it isn’t, or believing it isn’t true when it really is, or innocently and naively believing in something other than yourself… or maybe it’s a limitation upon you that you’ve always believed was so, and you’re beginning to realize now that it’s not true at all, and quite possibly never was, and now you’re having to navigate your feelings toward someone who has been lying to you this entire time for whatever reason they are able to provide… these are all quite dramatic, I know… but it’s a dramatic card and a dramatic lunar event.

For better or worse, whether it be grand effect or a wee speck of relevance, something or someone within your reality might need cut back… and it’s up to you, and you alone, to take on the research and adroitly review the proper information required to unemotionally discern whether it’s appropriate or not.

And today is likely not the day to do it.

‘Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus…

—William Shakespeare

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