Cancer Balsamic Moon —September 18

Today we go back to this most emotionally trying phase of the month—a balsamic phase that’s been occurring within Cancer since late July, then again in late August, and for the third and final time, it’s occurring again now…

It’s through a balsamic Cancer moon that shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests is a moon phase when we “compare memories… it’s a time of forgiveness.”

Particularly after yesterday’s Gemini last quarter moon —there may be much to apologize for, and forgive… and much to remember.

Kaldera writes, without any reference to yesterday’s energies, that “the danger of [this moon] is getting stuck in a past that never was and insisting that it is of more value than the present…” and specifically, yesterday’s decision, or choice, division, or inner conflict —more or less —has much to do with personal values.

Further, today’s moon ‘gets in between’ the Mercury/Jupiter opposition —an opposition that describes, in the most highest vibrations of these energies, and this degree, that you would attune yourself to new awarenesses, awarenesses to your own uniqueness—the accent here is ‘on enlightenment…’ and ‘your greatest advantage lies in listening carefully to what you hear and giving more credence to actions than words…’ and sometimes —enlightenment hurts, it can be tough.

However, it’s important to remember to not ‘get too carried away with your own sense of importance… you can’t possibly know what is best for someone else…’ still, you very well may receive sparks of inspiration or revelation through the insights of an/Other…

Today’s moon will illuminate these sparks of inspirations—and opportunities in personal evolution.

Further still, what the moon is doing within this opposition is squaring each side, which is a t-square alignment, adding a smidge of tension —however somber… this particular degree, in fact, describes the advice of caution.

Where is caution necessary, exactly, within such a seemingly exhilarating flow of inspiration and enlightened awareness!?—beyond becoming too wrapped up within your own illusion of importance —the use of caution could be necessary toward the failure to not appropriately identify the consequences or ramifications.

Also, knowing when to stop —particularly if you’re operating on anger or irrational emotionality.

You may be up against something of a crossroads here if you’re unable to find a balanced solution… which would involve considering the actuality of what’s (still) realistically possible and the real efforts of everyone involved.

And finally, there may be some real caution against looking backward to the past —particularly when up against seeking out a solution for something occurring here in the Now, in real time, in present tense toward the overall future.

Decisions are like switch points on a railroad track —they determine where you will end up in life.

—Elder Richard G Scott

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