Libra New Moon at 2°49′ —September 25

Before the moon reaches newness in Libra a conjunction to Venus in Virgo occurs through a degree that bespeaks of inspiration, “to the importance of taking initiative and doing something if change is desired…”

The suggestion here, then, describes ‘that hope, wonderment, and a belief that all things are possible can easily be lost by the individual who over-regulates his life through a misguided desire to avoid exerting mind and body…’ In fact, this over-regulation, or more rigidly conservative attempt to control one’s own surroundings, others, or events—this actually keeps many useful insights and deeper meanings hidden or secret. And it’s likely, that right about now, you’re looking for either clarification, or a deeper meaning toward something you want to be meaningful, or need a further grasp upon… and it’s possible that if you’ve been resistant or contrary, controlling, or invasive—you’re at risk of driving that which you’re attempting to attract away from you.

Are you doubting that something is possible?—and instead, attempting to force it yourself?

What are your personal perspectives toward the limitations that challenge you—real, created, masked or imagined?

And now, or then, when the moon moves into Libra—an almost immediate need to harmonize overcomes you—both the possibilities within your immediate reality as well as possibilities within your own personal evolution… these possibilities, though—it’s time to reexamine them.

With possibilities—are new beginnings…

It’s at this time that ‘seeing the world differently after a life-changing event’ becomes you… that ‘turning points where one leaves behind old assumptions and adopts a new stance toward the world’ occurs, inspiring you to ‘reinterpret what is important… freeing yourself from assumptions and developing a new analysis, being open and attuned to what’s in the air…’

New beginnings demand new perspectives, and new awareness, and new consciousness.

New beginnings and dawning realizations are all around you—and if not quite yet—very soon… and these new beginnings and new realizations will only continue to evolve—with or without your collaboration or consensus—into the month of October, into eclipse season… these choices are yours, always (and I would choose to collaborate in direct participation…)

Try not to appease complacency, settling’s nasty cousin.

As this new moon occurs within the first several degrees of Libra—a cardinal sign evoking the equinox—these new beginnings, new realizations, and the new perspectives and actual adjustments these will require could be less than smooth, despite Venusian governance, as cardinality suggests directional dimensionality and underlying urgency toward choices or crossroads, as well as simple initiatory cadence; your ‘participation in the toil’ could be asked of you… as Goethe stated, ‘freedom and life are earned…’

The degree through which today’s new moon occurs describes ‘a new day…’ and as we release each day through the dark of night, to be born again anew in the morning—this new moon symbolizes a metaphorical new day, as in a brand new day, as in, ultimately: everything has changed in some way.

Perhaps abrasive structural changes have not occurred, you may become privy through a “sudden awareness of change that has taken place behind the scenes or gone unnoticed… emphasizing the existence of unlimited potential waiting to be discovered and developed—the suggestion is of a fresh start and opportunity to expand, unfold and glorify every aspect of the self…” and most certainly, as Venus connects to Pluto by harmonious trine—should you choose to discover and develop.

Still, however, maybe whatever change that’s occurred for you occurred out of nowhere, instantaneously, within the blink of an eye.

Flexibility will be necessary… though, sometimes, easier said than done indeed—and I continue to ponder if today’s new moon is something of an introduction toward what’s to come in October…

Either way, there is a strong suggestion—through the first decan of Libra, as well as the 2 of swords within the tarot—that a personal lack of awareness is a part of the matter at hand within your reality. Further, the 2 of swords is a card inherently ensconced within indecision…

It is suggested to take your time through this process of new beginnings and new realizations, if you’re able to do so.

Worst case scenario—this card can indicate circumstances that are experiencing a standstill, or a situation within which nothing is moving, either forward or backward… though, it can also suggest a metaphorical/emotional blockage, particularly if you’re avoiding, denying, resisting, or refusing your own feelings or preferences.

It is important to understand that the first decan of Libra, as well as the 2 of swords, will come into a note direct focus upon September 22nd, when the sun moves into Libra, through October 3rd. I will go further into this decan through my additional posts via substack.

Further, tarot writer Jessica Dore suggests that indecision can be a good thing—protective even… Dore writes that many of her clients admit that they’re “too scared to admit what [they] know, or to do what that knowing requires…” and continues that, “sometimes, we find comfort in confusion and indecision because we believe that if we were to accept reality, we would not be capable of managing the emotions that would come up…” and in these circumstances—should this resonate for you—rearranging (perspectives) is advised.

However. Happily. There is much potential for emotional support and perspective flexibility—specifically in an effort to make a necessary change that is capable of reinvigorating you thoroughly.

❝This is the highest wisdom that I own; freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew.❞


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