Sagittarius Crescent Moon—September 30

Seeking out ‘the value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects’… this is what astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed for the degree through which the moon connects to Chiron today, which is all the moon does today, and this is likely enough.

Because it is a connection to Chiron, this would suggest a less than eager, joyful, or ambitious mood toward the horizon, and rather more toward the ‘anticipation’ for potential disappointment, potential problems or setbacks, or otherwise potential difficulties unforeseeable…

But it’s not typical for Sagittarian energies to consider the potential downsides—even for the sake of avoiding these!—so, perhaps, in an emotional need to ir-rationalize that which should be taken more seriously, you might, instead, strive to—or insist upon—seeing the positive toward that which cannot be predicted or recognized by probability.

With Chiron, associated most strictly to pain, burden, and impotence… the only way to heal through these is to do the work, to go through it.

Perhaps it’s inherently why Sagittarian energies operate in the way they do—because an optimistic perspective always beats a pessimistic outlook… especially when one is confronted with pain, burden, and/or feelings/circumstances of impotence. And it’s rather celestially convenient that Chiron is a centaur, as is the Sagittarius archetype/mythology… I think there’s an underlying ancient connection, however simplistic.

You’re definitely looking out for some kind of sign today, as this is a very Sagittarian activity (however not always helpful or even healthy)—try not to let it be a sign that is simply all too simple… or merely something that conveniently associates symbolically to something you want or need it to—that’s not a sign.

Only seek predictive counsel (like an astrologer) now if you’re willing to participate in what needs done within your own reality… ultimately only you can change your life.


It would behoove you to consider realistic potentials for less than ideal ‘turns of events’ in an effort to prepare (because always always after Sagittarius is Capricorn—and this weekend offers a Capricorn first quarter moon; heads up…) even if these turns are of your choosing—it’s best to have a firmer understanding and awareness of all perspectives and corresponding obstacles than a hopeful rose-colored ignorance toward merely the singular egoic perspective of what you’re wanting or needing, and how you’re thinking it will develop and unfold.

❝The life that is unexamined is not worth living…❞


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