Sagittarius Crescent Moon—October 1

Setting goals—and thereby creating, quite literally, your own reality—with a real intention to actually see these goals and intentions through: that’s today’s energies in a nutshell…

And the honest and scrutinizing examination toward these goals and intentions—don’t forget this little detail…

Ambitions are high today, as well as an inclination to be something more…

Particularly if you’ve felt a bit out of control—or, without control of your life, or of anything… what is the most practical thing you can do in an effort to jump three steps ahead?

Again. Not a day to be looking at your life—or at life in general—with rose-colored glasses.

Another pertinent detail—where are you on your self-worth? This is likely a large detail within the grand scheme of things, particularly toward where you are within your own reality, and where you are within reality at large…

What are your expectations?

How do these expectations play out?

What are your visions?

Do you witness your visions within your reality at this point?—why or why not…

Do you have the resources necessary for the realistic changes/expectations/visions you would like to change/expect/envision?

What’s the first step toward the appropriate resources?

Okay, you’re it. Go.

Rose-colored glasses are never made in bifocals—nobody wants to read the small print in dreams.

—Ann Landers

The Planetary Planner—October Issue—is posted in 3 Parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3—with an audio option!

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