Pisces Gibbous Moon—October 7

Working to uncross those wires?

Good. Because you never know when you might need to implore another perspective in consciousness or find another avenue of reassurance…

Today could be made of the stuff.

My little sister always says—whenever our yearly plans to get together (in years of late—across the country) become complicated, cut off, changed, or conditioned: this is probably the universe reorganizing things for us (once again) to keep us safe from something otherwise… and still we’ve managed to reunite every year for the last seven years now, even if just barely… I am grateful beyond the Beyond.

This is one of those days…

The universe may be reorganizing your details, for whatever reason—most probably to keep you safe—however irritating or inconvenient it may be.


Today could be one of those days when you swear you feel God. You know?—something like when the ocean comes to greet you when you approach, even though by the looks of the dry sand all around the tide hadn’t come up that far yet in quite awhile, if yet—and for no apparent reason, out of nowhere, the tide suddenly decides to go way out of its way to greet you, seven feet in…

Stuff like that.


When you’re driving and whatever happens happens, be it your own movement or another driver, and you just know deep within your bones that that was way way too close, and your feet begin to sweat and every hair on your arms and the back of your neck are alert and tuned in… and you are convinced that if angels exist—you have an entourage—or there is something to alternate realities.

Stuff like this.

Stuff that simply can’t be explained, or understood on rational levels, or examined in any manner of delineation in this realm…

The stuff that’s really real.

Don’t expect any of it to make sense, or to hold grand expressions of meaning—don’t waste your precious time with any of that—for today, it just may be What it Is.

Finally, should you be trying—today is a magical day to consciously intend to conceive… or, more simply, in any way you can: put yourself to your ideals and begin manifesting these into your reality.

Mazel tov.

❝The act of contemplation creates the thing contemplated.❞

—Isaac D’Israeli

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