Pisces/Aries Gibbous Moon—October 8

Today’s a real Walter Mitty kind of day, filled with fantasies about risk, and chancing something, and speaking up loudly or interrupting… particularly after the moon moves into Aries—and not one minute sooner!

Almost immediately, after moving into Aries, the moon meets a retrograded Jupiter, and bam!—consciousness expanded!—and Life is that much larger!

Or is it?

This lunar ingress occurs quite early here on the west coast, and around noon on the east coast—so sometime late afternoon or early evening for those of you across the pond…

In consideration to where you are, more energetically or spiritually rather—these energies also influence the pondering of your personal boundaries and/or limitations…

You may begin to wonder exactly where you stand within the world at large, within your own personal reality. And so belonging—possessing a purpose of place—feeling as though you have a place and that you belong to a place and that you truly feel a part of that place… these ideas, too, become a part of this conversation.

This also bleeds into the notion of who you are in actuality versus who you are with others in real life or even through social media, social sites, reputation, more professional accolades and the like…

Are you embellishing a bit on Instagram?

Are you really as fun as you’re making it sound on that dating app?

Are you content with your personal bio, résumé or CV?

Whether you’re embellishing or not, and whether you’re content with your personal bio or not—these things can be changed either way… and it’s You capable of making these changes. All of these examples are bullshit, I apologize, I’m merely trying to inspire the thoughts—unless you truly believe otherwise… today is a day, ultimately, to ask yourself: what matters to you; what do you value; what is your purpose; what do you believe in; and how do you want to live your life? And so on…

As I said in the beginning—today is about risk… taking chances. Speaking up. And as in Walter Mitty—he eventually gets out of his own head and quits the fantasizing, and actually begins the doing… and it changes his life and entirely expands his reality.

There is real risk in not living your life, whether you feel belonging or not… there is risk in not even attempting to fulfill your full potential.

When the moon is in Aries—we take chances… no looking back, no pre-planning, and no regrets. Make something happen.

And sometimes… sometimes all it takes is speaking up about something—about what you think or how you feel—and both the universe at large and your own small reality within your own small place within it all suddenly, and quite powerfully, shifts…

❝Bite off more than you can chew… then chew it.

—Ella Williams

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