Aries/Taurus Disseminating Moon—October 10

Today’s moon primarily squares Pluto from Aries before moving into Taurus, and through this degree “you will have to summon up your talent and energy to recapture what has been lost to you…”

Plutonic energies, always, emphasize notions of release and renewal, and most specifically, transformation… and so a lunarly square to Pluto equates to emotionality being challenged by or confronted with opportunities for transformation—with issues of regarding the brokenness and tapping into that which is new and potent.

Plutonic energies, too, are harsh—and so even if you’re allowing the release and embracing the new—these emotional emergences are likely harsh, and uncomfortable, and wholly renewing, which can be quite literally painful. And so now, today—you may need to “use your creative energies to revitalize an idea or opportunity, even if it seems to be hopeless… even if you don’t get exactly what you want, you will probably feel an incredible sense of relief as things are put back on track.”

This will require a hefty dose of visualization.

And timing. Timing will be huge.

Learning from past experiences is key to the evolutions available to you now… this degree speaks to “new insights gained through the process of reflecting on past experiences from the vantage point of maturity and the passage of time… new opportunities can be created by putting the pieces of the past together in new and productive ways.”

Further, “the rethinking of things brings new insights and understanding…”

Finally, “your greatest advantage lies in your willingness to start over or make changes if you discover that you were wrong or that what you have been doing isn’t working.”

A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension.

—Oliver Wendell Holmes

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