Taurus Disseminating Moon—October 11

Something is emerging…

Something unexpected is emerging…

The ‘surge of new potentiality after the crisis…’ as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed.

Last week the moon illuminated these dynamics of energy in conjunction with Saturn, squaring Uranus—and now, today, the moon illuminates these building energies in conjunction to Uranus, while being squared by Saturn… traditionally, however, due to the alignment ordering, this is the more trying dynamic.

Last week’s conjunction to Saturn—in Aquarius—on October 5th, illuminated Saturnian points being more or less lured by Uranian potentials, if one is capable of sustaining a Saturnian disposition…

While today’s moon will be illuminating Uranian points of potential while simultaneously being more or less condemned by Saturnian reason and/or practicalities, regardless of where one stands or supports.


Whatever is emerging for you within your reality—remain as objective as you’re able, and then some… for now.

Further, it’s a disseminating moon—in Taurus—practical, realistic, and objective Taurus… Taurean energies recognize potential—it’s just not trusted until every corner is tested and secured.

Also, a disseminating moon needs to both share and seek information—so this is an ideal time to do your necessary research, to ask around, all around, to ask questions and request advice or additional information, and to seek out the opinions and outlooks of others with whom whatever it is you’re considering is appropriate.

Remember—you’re building something… and with Saturn—it will not simply be given to you; Saturn will, however, help you build whatever it is you’re preparing to create.

To review—

What I wrote back on October 5th regarded what will likely still be quite potently essential:

That you’ve been looking for more, and that you’re wanting something more meaningful—now that you’ve a better sense of time and its inherent values… specifically within final view is your own life and livelihood, and most particularly your personal goals and/or dreams.

I’ll ask you again—so that you can consider your answer under a different moon, and thereby, a different mood—how are you using your time?


How have you been using your time since last year?

What has been continually tapping at your shoulder since last year?

What have you been resisting since last year?

See if your answers altered at all between today and those from October 5th—and either way, you’ll have some deliciously valuable insight.

A world emerging, daily, out of nothing, a world that we trust to resemble what we’ve seen previously. We should know better…

—Gregory Maguire

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