Taurus/Gemini Disseminating Moon—October 12

Today’s moon continues separating from yesterday’s Saturn/Uranus square/conjunction conundrum… give yourself a breather with this—it’s a lot.

And next up, for today—a lunarly square to Pluto.

So, yea.

It might be one of those days…

Try to give yourself a break… but also, don’t you dare underestimate yourself.

Today’s emphasis illuminates any adjustments needing to be made, perhaps those still needing to be made, or those particular adjustments you may be resisting, avoiding, refusing, or denying… and Pluto has a way of pulling the strings behind the curtains—the strings that bring about the crucial need to adjust, or an adjustment made without your creative input… it’s always best when changes and adjustments are personally embraced and participated with—those critical choices between will and fate.

So, ultimately, today’s a day to get real. If you haven’t been realistic—it’s an auspicious time to begin, and if you’ve been actively and willingly living within the real world… today, for you, is more like a celestial promotion in responsibility or obligation—congratulations!—though it’s likely not your typical downer chore… rather more like a personal upgrade in parameters of awareness and consciousness—and again, you can accept or deny… but I would recommend accepting.


These responsibilities—they may actually be limitations you’ve placed upon yourself and your capabilities that keep you perpetually in the dark… and it may be these very limitations that will reveal to you something that’s been taken for granted.

Adaptability will be valuable.

Truly believing in what you’re doing will be essential.

Real belief. Not convincing yourself into something gives. Real, actual, authentic belief. It’ll be the page-turner. Because these thoughts will stir you to act. And actions are everything.

Finally, very late here on the west coast and early tomorrow morning on the west coast—the moon moves into Gemini—into air!!!

And like a warm, hopeful breeze being offered through Grace from the darkness and depths inspired by Pluto, under the stars, twinkling about throughout the banner of a black construction paper night…

What cannot be seen is felt, and what you feel is everything—until tomorrow—when what you think is everything.

❝I realized a long time ago that a warrior in search of his dream must take his inspiration from what he actually does and not from what he imagines himself doing.❞

—Paulo Coelho

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